Is Social Media for Speakers a Waste of Time?

Social media can be a waste of time. But it can also be one of the greatest tools you leverage for your business. As an International speaker and currently the #1 Woman Speaker in the World for Internet Marketing, I have spent a great deal of time dissecting social media, and how it applies to a business, or to you as a speaker.

Most of the time I encounter people telling me they are spending a lot of time on Social Media, but aren’t getting any results. When I ask what results they are looking for, they say more leads, more gigs, and ultimately, more money. Then comes the million dollar question, “Well what strategy are you employing to get this?” A blank stare is usually what I am met with.

The reason I bring this topic up, is most people aren’t using social media properly, but more importantly, many are using it as a business model, versus a tool that complements your marketing plan, not one that replaces it.

There are 3 main types of social media users:
1. The one that posts random general stuff about their day, or what they do, and then likes, or comments on related pages.
2. The one that has a strategy and leverages social media
3. The one that uses it to spam others with incessant offers on an hourly basis (and these people should be removed)

The majority of the population resides in the first field, randomly posting, but not really having a strategy. Here is what I teach my clients as far as the purpose for social media.

From a speaker perspective, I have had some of my greatest encounters when a host finds me, but that is the exception. The key I recommend is to use it to build your database of people who are directly interested in you, or your topic, so that you can effectively build a relationship with them.

So what does that mean? Drive your ‘followers’ to a free offer such as an ebook, report, interview, audio that resides on your landing page, where they provide you with their name and email address so that an autoresponder system (that automatically emails and personalizes every message) goes out directly to their inbox, giving them the feel you are directly communicating, educating – and creating an environment where they get to know you, like you, trust you and ultimately buy from you.

The other reason I encourage you to drive your followers to your ‘own’ database (autoresponder based system), is if for any reason Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, even Google decided to wipe you off their system – you have your biggest asset in tact – your connection to your followers.

Once you have started the ‘strategy’ of connecting using social media, driving visitors to your landing page, building your own database/online list, communicating directly to them via autoresponders, what exactly do you do next?

The answer is focus your social media communications with a specific purpose. For example, promote a FaceBook event that drives them to a webinar where you speak on your topic. Promote an appearance and offer ‘discounted’ tickets (but first they have to opt-in to your database to get them). Next time engage them in a discussion (that seeds a future offer). This will increase your reach, your profile, your following and your bottom line.

Otherwise, social media can turn into a distraction, and eat up your precious time.

Next time I’ll talk about the power of a landing page, why speakers need one, and how to effectively leverage it so that no matter where you show up, your followers will be there too.

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