Internet Newbies Start Here. I am starting a membership site for Internet Newbies,
because once and for all, I want an area, and a lesson plan, and teleseminars to be located in one place for you, because I get the same questions, over and over, and wouldn’t it be nice if you knew a place to go – where all your Internet Marketing Newbie answers were answered.

I will be announcing this soon – if you want to pre-register to get notice about this club when it starts – go to Internet Newbies Start Here

When I launch the site, if anyone who is pre-registered joins, you will get a free bonus gift for being among the founding members.

But for now – here is the answers to these very, very common questions.
(But don’t ever think stupid – because this is the exact place you start, and for this, these questions are perfect.)

This particular person could ask one question, but with the use of many commas, managed to squeeze about 6 in. I have separated all the questions out.

Question 1 – I don’t have a product, but i want to get some experience in the internet business/marketing scene.

Step 1 – Buy my book “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” I don’t say this to sell books – I only make $1.00 for every book I sell – I say this because I wrote it as a bible for newbies.

Step 2 – If you are in the US – I am involved with the perfect newbie start-up company, where you get training, and education for a very low cost, plus hundreds of other bonuses. Bookwise Opportunity

Question 2 – – Probably the best way forward is to use an affiliate’s product. What steps do you recommend with regard to:
a) finding a suitable, reliable and profitable affiliate product to sell;
Q3 – b) what site(s) do i need to do this and should i be building up a list in the process.

Step 3 – If you are looking at being an affiliate – go to or

or if you know your niche, go to and type in yourniche affiliate programs and many will appear.

WARNING *** Affiliate programs need 2 things. One – a list or Two – an ability to drive traffic to the program – so Adwords knowledge.

Also – If you are going to be an affiliate – you need a landing page and autoresponder system to capture the visitors before they hit the affiliate offer, or else you will never be able to communicate with them or know who they are, or build a list – which is the biggest asset in this industry. For Adwords – don’t play that game without knowing what you are doing – it eats money like air.

I started to dealing as an affiliate in the P.S. – position of my emails (as you will see as a registered user to my list) and when I had a list.

Question 4 – I finally have a suitable product to sell in a niche in which i am familiar. I have limited capital but i want to get started. What sites do i need and in what order do i need to build them?

Top 3 things you need to have in order to have an Internet Marketing business:

To have an internet business selling a product, you need
1. Landing Page / Squeeze Page and a
2. Sales Page and an
3. Autoresponder System to build your database and give you a communication system.

Question 5 – Do I need them all in place before i ‘switch’ my business on?

Have in place a landing page and autoresponder as a BARE minimum.

Question 6 – Starting out, what is the best way to attract traffic to this site? – blogging or social marketing or ppc or SEO?

My book goes into traffic suggestions in full detail, but if I were to suggest 3 of the best right now.

1. Articles
2. Blog – providing you are a frequent poster, and have relevant data for your audience with a keyword focus
3. Social Media Web 2.0 sites – Myspace, digg,, deli.c.ious, etc.

As an aside – SEO – Always design every page to be optimized for organic traffic.
Use Adwords only if you know what you’re doing.

If any of this every seems like it is too much, I have a hand-holding coaching program where the testimonials abound, I guarantee you get exactly what you need, including everything you asked about from above, and more. It is perfect for an internet newbie. You can check it out at

I hope these answers have helped. Feel free to post comments if they did. I appreciate your visits and support.

Here’s to your success!

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

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