Day 2 – started out really slow. Doors opened up at 9am, Mark Anastasi opened the show again with more great information on email marketing.

It went from 480 standing room only, spilling out of the room, to 90.

By 10am though, it was much better, about 274, so I had a great crowd to work with. Seems the natural transportation – the tube – runs infrequently, unlike every few minutes on the weekdays.

Mark’s biggest message – and mine too – TAKE ACTION!

A couple of Secrets of Email Marketing

1. Get more subscribers
2. Improve the click through

A few of the 6 principles of ethical persuasion

1. Reciprocity
2. scarcity
3. Liking
4. Authority

One method autoresponder -3 email system

1. GIve a freebie – ie. 26 reasons why you need to get into email marketing
2. Give the offer
3. Remind them of the offer

Another autoresponder mehtod – 5 email system

1. Survey your list – ask what they want
2. Get it for them – tell them you are going to get it for them
3. build a desire –
4. Tease them with an offer – make it irrisistible
5. Remind them of the offer and take it away – we are stopping this in 24 hours

A few Attention grabbing headlines

1. Village idiot makes 1.2 million dollars
2. Atrocious feedback from my xx customers
3. Why he paid google
4. Google made me slap proof
5. RE: increase your open rate
6. Use You or YOUR
7. New video –
8. Peak their curiosity

Great Aweber TIP
Aweber allows you to send same email to the ones that didn’t open 🙂
just change the subject line

Get aweber here – Get Aweber Autoresponder

Then I was up, and I rocked it. Great results, great crowd, great people that joined my community.

I met all of them over the course of the show.

It was so wonderful to have live success stories Janet Swift – who said she was amazed I would follow up with her, when she slacked off. I never really thought about it – but I guess that is rare. I call it caring, and wanting success for my clients. 🙂

Life Changing Cafe –

Mark Jennings –

and a client, who is now my Dream Team Mastermind Forum manager – Sian Murphy.

After me came Raymond Aaron who spoke about goals, mentors, and the secrets to success.

and the youthful Reed Floren – who is a joint venture master.

It was an awesome and amazing day. I love it when my presentation is over, and it’s relatively early.

Perfect slot for me – and it gave me a full evening and day to spend with various clients that had just signed up.

Tomorrow is another day of excitement – the information the attendees have been getting is fantastic.

Stay tuned.

Tracy Repchuk

Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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