I don’t know about you guys, but I have been getting bombarded with emails.
And not only the people I subscribed to, but lately, it is like every scammy, network marketing or internet marketing based get rich quick scheme is getting through my system.

I received 38 messages about the Launch Tree, that has been each day during the launch. It is getting crazy, with a touch of desperate. And I’m not picking on this launch, because last week it was something else, and the week before something else but

it no longer feels like marketing, but a free for all grab at anyone willing to listen.

So the industry is going to need to change.

People are already shutting off, shutting down, ignoring emails, but worst of all – now they’re doing nothing.

They are waiting until it feels safe to listen, select, do, or commit to.

All I can say is it’s time to clean up who you are listening to.

It’s time to unsubscribe to a whole bunch of people that are only selling at you, and never sharing with you.

Because it is only getting worse.

And even with my experience, I’m like “Holy mackerel guys I know we have to market, but this is insanity.” And maybe it was always like this, the 40 emails a day about the same thing from every person you receive emails Location First Capital Bank from – but the issue now is
with 10 people or 20 people launching something throughout the month, that is a flood of way too much information, that is going to confuse you, overwhelm you, and worse –

Stop You.

I just wanted to share that with you today, and leave with a couple of words if advice:

1. Start unsubscribing to 80% of who you follow.
Go to your inbox and sort on the ‘from’ field

Ask yourself 2 questions –

1. Have I bought from them – if yes, stay on
2. Do I read what they send – if yes, stay on

If an email seems to come in and you glance and do nothing – unsubscribe
If you don’t even recognize the person – unsubscribe

It is time to reduce the noise, go back to basics, and get quiet.
Turn to a few good friends/internet marketers that you follow and get what you need from them.

Once you have done whatever it is they teach, actually implemented their ideas, then add someone else.

Don’t subscribe any more for free gifts you don’t need, until you have a safe
Inbox to read from. More than likely you have at least 50 Free gifts on your hard drive you haven’t even looked at, read or implemented.

2. Spend the free time you will have not getting overwhelmed by your email,
going through what you have on your hard drive and read, implement, use, or

That’s a good start for today. As I figure out more ways to create a better learning environment for you, I’ll pass them on.

Whatever I start to implement in my own office, I’ll let you know.

Have a great day.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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Tracy Repchuk

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