I did a survey last week – and the response was actually amazing. The survey was 10 questions – the link is at the end if you wish to take it – and I promised to give a free gift – my latest guide release called The 7 Steps to Understanding Mobile Marketing – plus reply to each one personally. It was like a mini consult – because answering the emails took me about 30 minutes each.

Here is one of the replies I gave – and it was something that came up A LOT.

The issue – You have been in internet marketing for a long time, and made no money. Even worse, you have spent a bundle.

Ring a bell?

Here is my reply to 1 person that seems to represent many.

REPLY with some add-ins for the general public:
So you have been doing this a long time and not made any money, but you have no fundamentals in place. I did not see you tick off a landing page, sales page,autoresponders, social media, etc.

You can’t make money in internet marketing, until you build an internet marketing business. The truth you are missing, and I say this all the time, even in my book if I recall – is that people are sold on the ‘end result’ of internet marketing – the glamour of homes, money, cars, travel – but they don’t tell you what came before it.

So if you want the truth of what comes before it – it is very hard work.

If somebody tells you otherwise they are lying.

To launch my book to bestseller – I worked 18 hours a day for 3 months.

To hit my first big money target – I invested $100k on credit cards for mentors

Nobody made it in this business by magic or luck. They might tell you that, but that is to sell the illusion – not the fact.

So you have my book – you have to build all the pieces.

The landing page

The niche selection with your keywords determined.

The freebie gift that moves them to the next step.

Social media structure and brand sweep.

Traffic to a landing page that converts, and you test and tweak

If you found the book moderately helpful – that means you read it – not did it. It is the plan you need to work.

So stop chasing the easy money  – this is wasting your time. Time is something you can’t get back.

Pick something you believe in – and go with it.

Hold back on attending ‘multi-speaker fests’ – they are confusing you. Attend high quality 1 day trainings where there is preferably only 1 speaker.

Don’t lose your dream – just lose the way you are going about it.

Make a business – not just a product.

Invest wisely – no more ‘products’ – save up to get a real mentor – someone who will hold your hand, and guide you properly.

Making money in this business is real – just not the way most people tell it.

If this is in your ballpark at all – I have just released a turn key solutions that does everything for you from brand selection, logo creation, business card design, landing page creation and thank you page, freebie graphic, unique selling proposition, autoresponder reviews, Aweber setup, copywriting review, full email support and contact directly with me – the works.

We are performing miracles in 24 days. Something like that can finally jump start you and put all of the elements together so you can get off the starting gate.

If you are interested let me know and I’ll get you more details. The price is $4997 USD

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 – I have never had a job – so I did have a ‘leg up’ when I got into this business – and I do believe it assisted in me being as successful as I was, in that short a time. And that was I was always building a business. I set it up that way – I showed up for work at 7am – I left work at 11pm (in the beginning start up phase – because that is what I have done for every company I started). I invested in myself/my business venture – I did not buy ‘products’ – I bought people. I chose the most successful people in the industry for the piece I needed to learn, and invested. I racked up my credit cards like everyone else. I took big risks, and moved my entire family from Canada to USA because that is where the business was at that time. I set targets and daily goals and to do lists – that I followed religiously. There was never a magic wand.

I sought out partners, opportunities, scoured the internet for research, and I made money immediately, because I planned it that way.

I laid out what I could sell immediately – what skill did I have that I could sell – and I sold that first.

I didn’t wait for perfection, but I didn’t skip steps – I followed the exact formula every mentor gave me to the fullest because that is what I was paying for.

Ego did not play a role in this game, because even though I had been using the internet since 1996, they were making money on it. I was taught very early, always listen to someone who is making more money than you and be the dumbest person in your mastermind group.

When the market changed, I changed. This business is like a raging river – it is constantly shifting, moving, colliding, crashing, and that can give you the greatest ride of your life, or pull you 8 feet under the current. It takes determination, focus, dedication and hard work.

Maybe other people claim to have found the fountain of youth, the magic wand, the push button money maker, but until I see that every person gets the same results – I stick to the above. And that’s not to say I don’t try the ‘quick’ methods – I can afford that luxury now of throwing money down a toilet in the name of research – but I still have not found anything out there where if you do 1-2-3 – you immediately get A-B-C. And when I do find that – I will add it to my business model – and shout it from the roof tops.

Here are some helpful links.

If you’re just getting started – get my book www.TracyRepchuk.com/book – It’s $25

Set up a place that will be your office – get all the basics you need to run a business.

And work it.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Power Business Mentor

PS – If you’re just getting started – get my book www.TracyRepchuk.com/book – It’s $25

PPS – If you need a mentor, I have many program ranges. They start at $1997 – and they all include access to me and my partner Debbie Allen. The way to make it, is to get help. I could never be where I am without the mentors I had. And I wish a mentor that ‘did the whole thing’ was out there when I was looking, because speed to market is a necessity right now.

PPPS – If you want to take the survey – here is the link – I’ll send you the free gift as well.
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Tracy Repchuk

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