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Los Angeles, September, 2012

Today, business owners all over the world are aware of how important Internet marketing is to their marketing strategy and their business success. The Facebook invasion has reached even remote parts of the world, with Facebook users nearing the one billion mark and Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest gaining momentum every day as more and more business owners and consumers alike use the Internet to communicate.

While the Internet marketing world creates vast opportunities for marketing on a tight budget and becoming an expert in a chosen field quickly, building an online presence is a difficult process and requires a very clever strategy and a whole lot of persistence.

One woman who understands the feeling of not having a clue where to start in Internet marketing is Tracy Repchuk. Now internationally-renowned as the Number One Female Speaker in the World for Internet Marketing, Tracy catapulted onto the internet marketing scene when in just 6 months she won New Internet Marketing Success of the Year, wrote and launched a bestseller in 58 days, and made 6 figures with no database list, no contacts and no idea what she was doing.

Now Tracy is revealing her secrets of how to become an expert in a chosen field – fast – with the Quantum Leap Formula. Partnered with Social Media Marketing expert and author Cydney O’Sullivan, these two women are pulling back the covers and revealing how the key to their success as experts in their chosen fields are the books that they have written. And they’re showing others how to do it too!

When business owners and entrepreneurs enrol into the Quantum Leap Formula program, they are guided through writing and publishing a book, website creation, how to publish a book, how to get into well-known stores such as online retail giant Amazon, and how to market the book so that the author becomes a respected expert in their industry.

According to Tracy and Cydney, the benefits of publishing a book include:

> Attracting ideal clients in chosen field
> Creating media interest
> Marketing in the book instead of on flyers no one reads
> Building credibility and expert status
> Create strong branding
> Attract higher fees and
> Stand out from competition.

Tracy and Cydney want to empower their clients so they offer the Quantum Leap Formula with a “We Do It for You!” guarantee.

Using the Quantum Leap Formula, business owners and entrepreneurs are able to relieve the pain and stress of Internet marketing, online promotion, book publication and more by allowing the experts to use their proven formula to quantum success. To find out more about how Quantum Leap Formula can increase online presence and build credibility, visit

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Tracy Repchuk

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