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Internet Marketing and Poetry

Now this may seem like an odd combination, but since my entry into the Internet Marketing arena, I have found many uses for using these skills in my life as a poet, and as a person who is the president and founder of the The Canadian Federation of Poets, and Founder and president of Poetry Canada Magazine.

And knowing this has made my life much simpler. Since I just completed running an event at the Artists for a Better World Festival this past weekend, it had me thinking about how I use technology for non internet marketing businesses as well.

Examples of where these skills have been applied has been to:

1. Managing members and the database of poets. For me, without the online technology of autoresponder systems such as Autoresponse Plus managing the many different databases I manage would be unbelievably difficult.

For example here are the lists I have to manage just for this one thing:
1. Paid Members
2. Ezine subscribers
3. Anthology submissions (this is 10 separate lists)
14. Poetry Canada subscribers
15. Poetry Canada online subscribers
16. Poetry Canada contributing poets, artists and photographers
17. List for poets who want internet marketing advice and guidance
18. List for poets who want book selling advice

That is just one of the companies I run. Can you imagine if I didn’t have a system in place to organize and coordinate all of that. It allows me to create one email, that can go to every person on a specific list. But more importantly, having this online in a system, prevents issues regarding spamming and increases the significance of my success rate for emails that arrive.

The other thing which is very important, is the emails are personalized, increasing the relationship you have with your list.

2. The ability to run and organize large events, such as what I just did this past weekend with the Artists for a Better World, as part of their festival. Within the festival I ran a very successful poetry event, that contained some big name poets and actresses from the Los Angeles area. Gathering bios, confirmations, invitation to participate acceptances, all of this was automated as much as it could be. Which meant while I was in the UK making my presentation at Britpack Live, doing what I needed to be doing, messages were getting sent making sure the poets were ready, bios were in, times and dates, directions, order of appearance, everything was coordinated, because if it wasn’t, the lack of communication causes chaos and confusion, which spills over into the event. Over the next few days I will add some testimonials as they come in (by automatic request), and post them here for you to enjoy as well.

So my point really is, no matter what your industry or interest, chances are internet marketing can automate it, because the 3 successful actions any business can take is:

1. Systemize – get a process that works and repeat it
2. Automate – get software or systems automated that run the systemization
3. Monetize it – didn’t apply to this event because it was a charitable function, but from a fundraising or monetization viewpoint, you need your ideas to make money for you, so always look outside the box or copy what someone else is doing that works…

because “Success Leaves Clues.”

3. A poetry anthology is a difficult task of organizing and communicating with the many different poets that submit, plus the organization of their submissions. Because of Internet Marketing, I am experimenting with mass anthology calls, in fact there is a 10 Book Poetry Anthology Call on right now for any aspiring poet readers (which I know are out there, because the number of closet poets I encounter in business is staggering). Because I have been able to systemize and automate so far, things like this can happen, and will give poets a big opportunity to get published, and really take their poetry careers into affluence with multiple acceptances in one year (providing your work is good of course, internet marketing will not help you improve your poetry, unless you read how to guides online).

Have a wonderfully poetic day.
Pictures and more testimonials will be coming soon.


“Tracy, It was truly an honor to be a part of this incredible line-up of poets, and it was wonderful to get to meet them and encounter the brilliance of their work. I appreciated the diversity of the performers and reveled in the sheer brilliance of the art form of poetry. I found the theater as well as the precious space of nurturing created mainly by you and your delightful and gorgeous family a privilege to play in.

I feel very blessed to be included in your sphere of light.

God Bless You..I look forward to more endeavors together.”

Tamsin Rothschild –

Tracy Repchuk
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