After getting back from the Internet Marketers Vacations Cruise, and meeting with my Dream Team Mastermind members, I started to go through me extensive live of things to do, and things to check out.

I can’t share everything – there were 200 items that came off the cruise – most were websites and things to do to take your business to the next level – and we were sworn to ‘secrecy’ to keep that list for cruisers only.

But I can tell you what I did when I got back.

Step 1 – Bought myself a MacBook Pro. I have walked away from Windows. With 8 computers in my office, it was something I had been considering for a year, but was always hesitant as to how it was going to work.

My issues were time frame to learn the Mac, getting my data over, and integration with the office.

But the Mac books were prominent, and those on board raved about the ease of conversion, and the fact that once you go Mac, you never go Back.

I needed a new PC anyway, we already bought another WIndows 7.0 PC, and it was like starting again. So I figured once and for all, any effort was going towards the sexy, fast, fun, laptop, that would be easy to do video – which is a 2010 item for me – more video.

I have now had the PC for about a week – and most of my stuff is over, and I am so excited about learning some of the video apps which come with the system. But since I am heading to the UK – no time to play – I have loaded Keynote – The Mac version of Powerpoint, loaded my presentation, adjusted what had to be corrected font wise. Then I loaded my presentation into Pages – the Mac version of Word – and have started with that.

I am excited and eager to get into the ‘goodies’ of this machine, but for now will just learn the basics – because – I bought some other things that were recommended too.

Step 2 – Bought the LiveScribe Pen – this is amazing. You write, it records, it transfers to your computer, you can easily recall notes, transcribe to different languages, play piano on paper, it is hilarious. I am a big note taker at events, primarily they are all on paper because my laptop battery on my old PC sucked – so I always hand wrote. Now with hand written notes, I can avoid the retype and go right to my laptop. SWEEET. I have learned the basics, that’s about it for now.

Step 3- Bought the iphone – in fact 4 of them, one for me and 3 for my kids. They were over the moon, so excited, happy, ecstatic, and even while in the store we were texting each other and laughing. I never jumped on the trend before, because I rarely talk on the phone. But when I realized I could have unlimited internet surfing Location Treaty Oak Bank and texting, we were on board – and have heavily used the feature already. I can surf in the car while my husband drives. I can surf and do emails at my sons auditions. I can watch videos and listen to itunes when I’m waiting in a boring line up for something. This has already been a blast. The monthly bill isn’t so hot, but I can imagine our phone minutes will be rolling over month after month.

Step 4 – Go over the rest of my list when I get back. As I do things, I’ll let you know, and give you the results as things unfold.

I have given myself a steep learning curve buying 3 new pieces of technology before I leave for UK and Ireland, but in the long run, I think it will benefit my business objectives for 2010.

When I get the screenflow – Mac version of Camtasia installed and figured out – then I’ll demonstrate some of the stuff I have been learning.

See you soon.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

PS – Top 3 things I bought this year
1. MacBook Pro
2. Livescribe Pen
3. iphone x4 🙂
So much more to do – but I love to learn so bring it on.

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Tracy Repchuk

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