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Internet Marketers Vacations – Destination Costa Mesa

At last a beautiful sunny day.

We docked early, and we got off as soon as we could because we had to be back by 2:30pm. The dock area was gorgeous, tons of stores, places to eat, and a bar with a pool right in the middle. You could really have fun there if you wanted to (which many did :))

We did a trip that day, which took us to a beach, then a boat ride to a snorkel area, and more beach – which included the lounge chairs, and kayaks. It was a fantastic day, and I saw a Sting Ray, star fish, many beautiful fish, eels and other sea creatures. So vivid and clear.

It was the first times Kennedy, Celeste and Caleb snorkeled off a boat. They loved it.

We came back into shore to run into Robert Puddy.

We did the beach, kayaking, and then my daughter went for a swim, and got stung on her hand by a sea urchin. It swelled up, turned blue, and you could see the spikes in her fingers. There was nothing anyone could do, so we soaked it in salt water on the beach. After a couple of hours the swelling went down, but you could see the spikes clearly (which we were told not to pick out), and it was red and still hurt she said.

We took a cab back to the dock, shopped, ran into a bunch of people, and made it back to the boat just in time. 2:30 was way too early for such a fun port.

Another night of networking, eating, and enjoying friends such as Emma Tiebens, Irene Denver, Elizabeth Chung, Jason Henderson, Simon, Max Action, and more. Also caught up with Ross Goldberg who is at Stompernet now.

A day at sea tomorrow, and another sail by Cuba. Our sail out we discovered was so rough because of the earthquakes in Haiti. It was horrific what happened to them, and even on the ship we were being kept up to date on the status.

There was even an earthquake in California, but because of the Haiti quakes and after math, it was barely noticed unless you were in it (which some of our friends were).

Mike Filsaime has spoken more than ever on this cruise, it was pretty cool.

We also had a special dinner in the Chef’s Art tonight with Jenny Armoto, Paul, Mike Filsaime, Donna Fox, Captain Lou, Warren Whitlock, Paulie Sabol, it was amazing food (I had lobster, escargot, and 2 desserts), and conversation.

We went back to the room late, our kids showed up shortly after us – my daughter Celeste has been hanging out with Tyler Bacak (Matt Bacak’s daughter), so she has been enjoying herself. Apparently the club on the ship for teens is pretty good. Our camera is certainly full of stuff they did. 🙂

Tomorrow is an at sea day so I will be presenting to all of the internet marketers, and will then have a mastermind with my Dream Team members, and then we’ll meet up again at a farewell networking event.

Boy it has gone fast.

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See you there!

Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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