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InnerSurf Online Services

Tracy Repchuk is the CEO and Founder of InnerSurf Online Services International.

InnerSurf International assists companies with their internet marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and how to get easily found so they get more clients and money into their organization while increasing their brand awareness and authority status.

Since 1985, InnerSurf International has been a computer consulting firm dealing with the latest technologies for innovation and marketing.

After being a leader for fax, Electronic Data Interchange, Remote solutions for handheld and trade show technologies, they now specialize in marketing solutions for businesses and corporations that leverage internet, social media, and mobile marketing to create a cohesive plan to bring you customers, sales and domination in your niche.

Primary plans include:

  • Social Media Domination
  • Search Engine Optimization Domination
  • Internet and Mobile Marketing Domination


Tracy Repchuk, founder of InnerSurf International, originally a Canadian based company is the #1 Woman Speaker in the World for Internet Marketing.

After speaking in over 50 countries on these topics, her company is now assisting corporations, business owners, speakers, authors and coaches to dominate their markets, online and offline.

Dave Repchuk, a former Computer Associates Senior Manager of Product Development has been with the company since 1992, and created extensive product lines, integrated mobile solutions with accounting, and developed massive systems for banks, governments, lottery corporations, fortune 100, 500, all the way to small businesses.


The history of InnerSurf is an interesting one – as it is a company that has evolved according to the market requirements

1985 – It focused on hardware delivery and software training of accounting solutions

1987 – When hardware prices and margins dropped, their entire focus went to training large corporations and doing large installations of accounting solutions.

1988 – When the limitations of accounting solutions became apparent, they moved their specialty to software development in the integration of business needs to software. For a history of the products see

These 2 sites were separated to handle the services and product line of the company that was distributed worldwide.

1992 – Dave Repchuk bought into the firm, and brought his extensive programming and design knowledge. The company became a custom software solution house, and started an extensive product line geared towards Electronic Data Interchange, fax distribution, and remote hand held solutions.

2007 – A successful company based in Canada, they opened up a division in the USA which would become the head quarters. This move shifted the company completely to the domination of the internet for marketing, along with social media which included mentoring, coaching, training and consulting.

2008 – After winning Internet Marketer of the Year from the World Internet Summit organization – Tracy Repchuk took to the stage to educate, while InnerSurf International leveraged the knowledge and research being done to assist local and worldwide businesses to get more customers, find more leads, increase their bottom line and dominate their field to become the authority.

2012 – Full devotion to businesses and entrepreneurs who need assistance with marketing – especially how to leverage the internet, social media, and mobile markets. Mobile marketing is rapidly becoming a force of nature as smartphone use is exceeding PC use and sales. Mobile market ready sites are a requirement for many industries, and if you’re not ready that will immediately cost you customers, sales, and Google – who has specifically set up a division to monitor mobile ready sites – will penalize your rankings if you’re not ready.

2015 – Added 3 new divisions to serve your growing needs

A publishing division which handles the representation, publishing, and/or book launch for authors.

An exclusive and premium web division to handle celebrities and CEOs who want to brand themselves and create an online presence for self, a charity or cause, company or fan base. This operates under

A division to handle large scale corporate communication needs for companies that use Infusionsoft. We serve as campaign creator, manager, strategist, marketing consultant and copywriting team for promotions.

Details are located here –

The Premiere Choice for Online Web Strategy and Results…

InnerSurf International is here to ensure you are ready to leverage the trends, and dominate your market with low cost effective solutions.

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