How to Start a Member Site to Make Even More Money Internet Marketing


It’s a good idea to start a membership site if you want to increase your profits.

Here’s a list of the benefits to owning one.

• Dominate the competition in your niche

If you have a membership site, you’ll stand out amongst the people who have a score of e-books but nothing else to offer their customers.

• Get more money out of your list

You may have heard that “the money is in the list”. And, you’ll want to get as much money from your list members as you can. A membership site is the perfect way to do this, as they pay you month after month.

• Increase customer loyalty

If your site has great content and you respond promptly to all queries, a membership site will increase customer loyalty a lot better than selling individual products. This is because the customer will feel as if you’re more accessible. You’ll build a community of people who know you, trust you, like you and buy from you.

• Develops a sense of community

Membership sites that have a forum help encourage a sense of community. So not only do the members interact with you, but they can interact with each other. This is a good selling point and a benefit for the owner of the site because it is another thing that will help increase your customer’s loyalty.

• Great way to build a list

If you want to start a free membership site, or offer portions of your membership site for no cost, it can present an effective way to build a list.

• Develop passive income

Although internet marketing is a great career, the money can be a little unstable. A membership site is a good way to not only make more money, but to make the income you do bring in a lot steadier. You know the number of members you need to pay your mortgage, buy a car, take that vacation, live the lifestyle of your dreams. It is predictable, and appears in your paypal month after month.

• They don’t need to be complicated

A lot of people assume that a membership site is complicated. Not necessarily. There are plenty of options that are simple, such as exclusive content delivered via autoresponder.

Let’s look at the math. say you have a membership site that offers exclusive content related to your niche. If you charge $19.95 a month and have 100 subscribers, that translates to nearly $2000 profit and all you needed to do was refresh the content and make sure the site is running properly. I charge $47 a month for my club, at 500 members, that is $24,957 per month. 🙂

That is what a membership site will do.

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Tracy “Recurring Riches” Repchuk
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