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I often get asked questions about landing pages, and this is a good sign because it means you are getting it. You need to have a landing page, and design is important.

Here is a question I have received.

Q1 – How do I set up a landing page to capture customers?

The key to this question, is understanding why you use a landing page, that way you get an understanding of how to arrange it within your current website configuration.

Here is a link about the why you have different sites:
Site Purpose

As far as how you do it, it is a website so I would recommend a tool such as FrontPage, and then copy the format either outlined in my book, or from one of the
favourite landing pages you have discovered. In addition, here is an article I wrote about the Top 10 elements you need to have in a landing page

Once you know the landing page format the 3 Landing Page Start Strategies are:

1. Make one yourself – Using other sites as a sample

2. Go to a service such as and get one made

3. Hire a copywriting professional to create one for you
** Recommended **

The reason for #3 is the key to a landing page is the ability to capture their interest, and this is done with copywriting, or you give away the most amazing thing ever, so that nobody focuses on what you wrote, they just want the free gift.

Corporate Site:

Now as for your corporate site, it is the typical catalog based site, which means it holds all of your products, which is great, but you need the other sites to increase traffic, prospects and conversions. That is their purpose.

So how you GET STARTED is to select the top selling product you have, buy the domain name for that product, put a landing page up, and a sales page after. That way if they don’t buy right away, you get to continue to market and inform them while building a relationship, and the sales page does such a remarkable job that
you sell way more because the description isn’t only a paragraph long. Then with your product line, you can get into all sorts of One Time Offers, and bundle similar products together or offer bulk discount purchases.

In addition, you can repeat for all of your top selling products, and then do focused campaigns to your newly gathered prospects from your landing pages (one per
product line), and sell them eventually. Then, once they are a customer, treat them right and they’ll buy from you over, and over again.

For option #3 – Hire a copywriter, be sure to check out my Marketing Makeover Maestro site as this is a service I provide if this is something you are considering.

Also, be sure to check out my Coaching Program as well Entrepreneur in Overdrive as I take you through everything from idea to finished landing, sales page and traffic strategies, or my JV Coaching Club program which is the same as the above program, only less expensive, but more structured.

In summary, any landing page is better than sticking with the status quo, which as you described some visitors but no opt-ins, and no sales.

So if you don’t have one yet, make your goal this week to get a landing page up. Start today!

Here’s to your success!

Tracy Repchuk
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Tracy Repchuk

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