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Message to Millions Mastermind Mission – How to Get on TV

How passionate are you about getting your message out?

Are you willing to do what it takes to get on TV?

Do you think you’re ready?

TV is still one of the most powerful mediums to reach a lot of people all at once – it’s what skyrocketed my reach from 100’s of thousands to 20 million in one year!

The inspiration for the “Message to Millions Mastery” program actually came from this accomplishment.

I had over 20 TV appearances in one year, and you can too, but you need to know what you’re doing.

As awesome as TV is, there are many of caveats you want to be aware of, such as what’s involved, when you should do it, what it costs to get into programs, and how you can do it yourself.

You will literally save 10’s of thousands of dollars, with the secrets I reveal of how to get on TV with maximum results at minimal cost to you, in “Getting On TV.”


Here are some highlight of what’s exposed:

–  You’ll Be Privy to What Shocked Me What I Was Trained for TV
–  What to Do Before You Shoot for The Stars
–  The Illusion Prominent National TV Training Programs Don’t Want You to Know
–  How to Know When You’re Ready for TV So You Don’t Waste Your Money Prematurely
–  What Your “Media” Page on Your Website Should Like
–  Be Clear on the Real Purpose of Your TV Appearance
–  How to Have the Luxury of Picking the Clients YOU Want to Work With
–  What NOT Expect from TV
–  What to Avoid That Will Make TV an Unpleasant, Rough Journey
–  Strategy for Structuring Goals for Your TV Appearances
–  The Understood Agreement You Make When You Book a TV Appearance
–  The Advice You’ll Get from TV Training Programs, That You Should Beware Of, and Why
–  Specific Strategies on How to Leverage What You’re Doing Now to Get on TV
–  An Easy Way to Get Booked, Provided You Can Stand Strong
–  What to Do Once You’ve Got Your Angle to Getting Booked
–  What TV Stations Consider Newsworthy
–  The Secret to Using One Segment Proposal for Many Bookings
–  3 Things You Must Know About a TV Station Before Trying to Get Booked on It
–  How to Get a TV Booking for EVERY Month
–  Essential Preparation that You’d Be Amazed How Many People Miss
–  What You MUST Have In Place Before Going on TV
–  Top Tip for Saving Massive Amounts of Money
–  Critical Research That Will Increase Your Chance of Getting Booked
–  Extra Research to Do When You’re Ready for the Big Leagues
–  What Most People Don’t Know, and How to Massively Impress Them Because of It
–  How to Organize a Strategic TV Media Tour
–  How to Do for Free What I Paid $17k For
–  Swipe Layouts of TV Proposals that Got Me Booked on 20 Stations
–  How to Fit Everything You Want to Say Into the 2-3 Minutes You’ve Got on TV
–  What the World’s Most Prominent Shows Use that You Can Leverage
–  What You Should Never Lose Sight of While You’re on this Journey
–  What to Do Before You Pick Up the Phone to Pitch Your Talk
–  What You Should Always Have Ready for TV
–  How to Get on a TV Producer’s Radar
–  What You Have Only Seconds To Do
–  Know Specifically What Action to Take to Leverage Your Appearances
–  Get the All Important TV Checklist That Takes You By the Hand, Step by Step

And this is just one of 12 modules you’ll be getting!

Module 1 – Creating Your Message
Module 2 – Being Brand You
Module 3 – Online Strategy
Module 4 – Social Media Mastery
Module 5 – Outsourcing
Module 6 – Speaker and Speaking
Module 7 – Master Speaker Secrets
Module 8 – Getting on TV and more

The beauty of the Mastery Modules is that you have lifetime access, and can simply reapply as you expand your products, services, and business model.

Imagine how powerful you will be with internet, TV, speaking and social media skills.

See you on the inside >>

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Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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