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Message to Millions Mastermind Mission – How To Do a Book or Product Launch

If you’re like most people, you probably want to jump toselling something online, or launching a book.

I’ve done both very successfully, and in Session 6 of “MESSAGE TO MILLIONS MASTERY” I teach you exactly what I have applied and tested, with millions of dollars in proven results.

This comes now because if you haven’t established what’s covered in the first 5 sessions, you’re probably not ready.

Launches have many moving parts, and a lot can go wrong, so it’s easy to undermine your own success without realizing it.

Want to see a testimonial from Michele Camacho on “BOOK OR PRODUCT LAUNCH” – “Tracy, I just reviewed the worksheets for tomorrow’s mastermind on launches, and I am blown away!

You cover it all – baby steps I can make, to advanced strategies used by the masters, including telesummits!

The way you lay it out is full of details, yet so easy to follow – it’s never been this clear to me before.

I’ve seen other products advertise the launch structure blueprints alone for thousands of dollars, and you trump them with just one worksheet, of just one Message to Millions session!

Can’t wait for all the extra content you always pile on during the webinar!”

Check it out “BOOK OR PRODUCT LAUNCH” – Module 6

–  Learn Exactly What I Have Applied and Tested with Millions of Dollars in Proven Results
–  Gain Clarity on the Entire Progression From Getting Your Feet Wet to Advanced Strategies Used by Big Players
–  The Pieces You Need to Go From Ground Zero to Reaching 20 Million
–  What Elements to Have In Place First, Before Even Considering a Launch
–  How to Make Money Fast When You’re Starting Out of the Gate
–  Exposed: The Illusion About a Book That Will Cost You Massive Time and Money
–  Why I Do NOT Recommend Starting With a Book, Even Though It’s What I Did
–  Learn the Reason My Book Launched to #1 With NO Affiliates
–  What Makes You a #1 Best Selling Author
–  How I Leveraged a Book For an Immediate One-Two Punch
–  The Real Benefit of Writing a Book
–  What Will Immediately Differentiate You in the Market Place place
–  Learn the Fastest Way to the Cash with a Book
–  Why Writing a Book is the Easy Part, and What The Hard Part Really is
–  Discover Product Types that Sell, and Launch Structure Needed to Cash In on Them
–  What to Have In Place Before Jumping Into a Sales Page
–  Discover Your Biggest Asset to Instant Cash
–  What to Do with Your Videos
–  Learn What is More Important than Social Media in Your Business Growth Cycle
–  How to Get Momentum in Your Business, and Be Able to Predict Growth
–  Which Earlier Mastery Lessons You Need, or You Will Get Stuck on a Launch
–  Learn the Silver Bullet to Getting People to Buy
–  Discover the Different Purposes of Different Landing Pages, and the Order to Do Them In
–  Find Out the Ideal Scenario that Justifies Applying a Full Launch Structure
–  What Your First Touch Point Should Be and How it Presells Your Master Signature Program
–  Where the Product/Service Launch First Starts to Take Hold
–  Strategy Call Secrets: How Long to Talk, What to Say, How to Upsell, and When to Downsell
–  Key Way to Earn Money Fast, and How to Create Marketing Materials While You’re Doing It
–  Understand How To Make Money While Baby-Stepping Your Way Through to the Full Advanced Launch Structure
–  How to Get to Know the People Who Buy Your Book
–  Why You Must Be Clear on Your Ultimate Objective Before Launching Your Book
–  Get the Detailed Structure with All the Moving Parts of a Best Seller Book Launch
–  Why List Building Beats Out Book Sales
–  The Hardest Part of a Book Launch
–  Affiliate Partners: Words of Warning & Why You SHOULD Have Them
–  Tricks to Getting Your Affiliates to Do What You Want
–  The Best, Fastest, and Easiest Place to Start Getting Affiliates
–  The 4 Major Elements You Must Have Before You Include Affiliates
–  Find Out Why Telesummits Are So Hot, and What it Takes to Generate Massive Income

And this is just one of 12 modules you’ll be getting!

Module 1 – Creating Your Message
Module 2 – Being Brand You
Module 3 – Online Strategy
Module 4 – Social Media Mastery
Module 5 – Outsourcing and more

The beauty of the Mastery Modules is that you have lifetime access,
and can simply reapply as you expand your products,
services, and business model.

cost of JUST my online materials.

When you can master making money while you sleep, the power you possess is magical.

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Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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