Do you want to increase your email subscribers?

Do you currently run Facebook or Instagram contests?

If you answered yes – good for you because contests are a great way to capture email leads and are one of the proven ways to get traction, which gives you the chance to be openly creative with your content as possible.

Here are the 6 steps to list building using contests. 

#1. Find Your Niche and Feed It

If you have a niche business, hold on to it. Take the time to come up with a contest your fans will like.

For example, let’s say your niche is owners of shar-pei puppies and dogs, you could run a photo contest where fans upload their pet pictures and choose the cutest puppy picture.

The voting is done by fans.  The photo with the most votes wins a prize and one voter wins a prize too.

This works well because the prizes are meaningful to the winner. You win by capturing their email addresses because both entrees and voters have to opt in.

#2. Offer Multiple Prizes

If you offer multiple prizes, more people are more likely to enter because they are more likely to win. Make entry easy – name, email and phone number.

Make sure you brand your contest well and let the entries flow and the promotion go viral on Facebook and Instagram.

Asking for their email by opting in grows your email list.

#3. Offer Community Support

Local businesses can take advantage of an opportunity to offer a contest for a local event.

For example, an entry into a draw for an upcoming concert or sporting event. Lots of fans will want to enter. The catch is they need to opt in and provide their email address and share the contest on Facebook – you build your email list.

If you run an online business, you can still use this technique by offering something in your niche. For example, if you sell marketing tools, then offer to draw for your course.

#4. Offer Something Exclusive

Offering something that’s considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or something that’s rarely going to happen to a number of winners is going to draw a great deal of interest.

For example, you might be able to arrange a special meeting with a President or special VIP package at a concert.

The contest needs to be branded well and portrays exclusivity or that the winner is a VIP.

They enter by opting in and providing their email address and sharing it on Facebook or Instagram.

5. Add Insta-Traction using Contests

Statistics indicate that Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, clocking at least 300 million active users a day. They contribute to more than 40 billion pictures shared on the platform to date.

These numbers have made Instagram the go-to site for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses. 

However, many people have gone about using Instagram all wrong, leading to sluggish traction. 

Some of the top Instagram personalities know the secret to gaining traction is by organizing contests and giveaways to gain insta-traction.

There are different types of contests you can organize such as;

Like Contests:

This involves uploading a photo and asking your fans to like it with one person or a group of individuals winning giveaways. This type of competition increases your chances of appearing on the Discover page, and it is one of the simplest ways to increase traction.

Comment Contests: 

If the primary goal is to generate feedback about your products or services and increase post engagement, comment contests are the way to go. Simply upload a photo and ask your followers to comment on the post for a chance to win the prize. Always ask your followers to tag other users.

Photo Contest: 

Tell users to post a photo on their personal accounts and use a hashtag of your choice – this will help you find the posts to pick a winner. To ensure insta-traction, ask your followers and fans to post pictures of them using your product and or service in creative ways.

This type of contest can also include asking your fans to repost one of your posts for a chance to win.


The purpose of the competition is to draw in the right followers, and the best way is to find those users is by offering giveaways that are relevant to your brand and fans. The right kinds of giveaways are those related to your brand, to bring in the right kind of insta-traction.

Simply give the rules in the caption section or provide a link to your website with a landing page that provides all the rules of getting to win the giveaway. This allows you to keep your posts short and sweet.

6. Leverage Hashtags:

This is the best way to spread the word as well as track entries. Look at the accounts of leading businesses in your niche and note the type of hashtags they are using. The right combination of hashtags will boost the exposure of your contests and giveaways, bringing in more traction.

This is a low-cost, easy way to build your email lists quickly and effectively.

So get started today!

I hope you got some key information about How to Build Your Email List Using Contests using Facebook and Instagram.

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