If there is one question I have encountered over and over to the point that it is like a stable datum in the internet marketing industry, that is:

How do you deal with information overload?

There are strategies you can employ to help you cope with incoming information such as email sorting, or stop reading so much, cancel from lists and stop the flow. That is one way to do it, but it might slow the rate at which you progress.

A better way is to understand that when you hit a market such as internet marketing, you are now a student. You need to apply study habits. Just because you aren’t in a classroom, you need to learn with some discipline, or it won’t work, and you will end up overwhelmed.

When you have information overload one of 3 things has occurred, so depending on what happened, that is how I deal with it.

The first is lack of mass.

If you get a squashed face and you’re rubbing your eyes, bent, headache, stomach pains, spinny, it is that one. You need to to see what you’re working on, get a picture of it, actually touch one, you are having a problem getting too much concept and not enough practical.

The second is too steep a gradient. This usually happens when you are doing something. Let’s say building a website. You are diong fine, you get the first part completed, start into the next phase and you’re lost. You are reeling or feel confused, then it’s time to go back to where you felt good about what you were working on, make sure you really understand that, and then move forward and try again.

The last way you can get information overlaod is by encountering a
misunderstood word – this is rampant in internet marketing because we have our own language, a complete set of nomenclature for this industry. If you don’t have a definition for a word you are reading let’s say you read something you will go blank on the rest you encounter.

How you deal with it
Learn to recognize which one it is, and correct it.

Go back, slow down, get a definition or learn what you missed. This is why I am able to create such a solid foundation so fast, because I applied this practice to how I approached internet marketing.

We are students of internet marketing, so you need to learn good study habit and apply them.

Have a great day and happy learning.

Tracy Repchuk
Quantum Leap Coach

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