I remember the day I sat in the audience of my very first internet marketing seminar, and 4 days later, and 12 men later, I vowed to appear on the World Internet Summit stages in less than one year. There were no women on the stage, no associations to appeal to (so thanks for this) and no idea how to go about it. When 5 months later, I appeared on their stages, and they paid me to be there, and it launched me to world wide international speaker acclaim, as the only woman at that time on the biggest stages of internet marketing – I always get asked: How did I do it? How do I get speaking engagements?

The answer depends on what type of speaking do you want to do.

There are 3 types:

1. Public speaking
– that is simply speaking, getting a place to put you in front of a crowd – unpaid. This is very easy to do. Contact your library present something there. Contact places where your audience is – nursing homes, schools, youth venues.

2. Paid speaker
– this is where corporations, organizations, conventions and events pay you to appear. Often a keynote. When you get paid to speak, you are now a professional speaker.
Here, contact who you’d like to speak with, send them details about yourself, and be persistent.

3. Platform Speaker
– this is what I do – and I love it. This is where you make a 70 minute presentation that educates the audience on a topic, and then 20 minutes to present an offer. The offer usually entails a product, a coaching or service, or both.

Because companies aren’t paying the speaker fees they used to, and budgets are getting slashed – this is my preferred message. You can make 6 – 7 figures in 90 minutes if you’re good – and I’M GOOD!

On how you get option #3 – usually reputation – but if you want to try to break into this market, scour seminar announcements in Google and contact the host to see if you can get in. It’s always worth a shot.

The speaking industry is worth the effort. I travel around the world with my family, it is the freedom lifestyle I always dreamed of. So keep going for it, investing in your craft, and get out your message.

See you on stage.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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Tracy Repchuk

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