As I am in the UK with my daughter Celeste, speaking at the Millionaire Women’s Bootcamp tomorrow (on Black Friday back in the States), it is another great time to express my gratitude for this past year.

I am grateful for my life, my family, my personal growth, my friends, my clients, my followers, subscribers, to anyone who is helping others or ensuring the planet and its people are prospering and flourishing, and to a year where I found the greatest partners in Debbie Allen and Marie O’Riordan.

A year in review so far for me:

January – my entire family flew to Florida, and embarked on a 2
week vacation where we cruised to amazing destinations such
as Belize, Costa Maya, Roatan and Cozumel. Upon my return
I was on my way to London, UK to my first speaking engagement
of the year, and did my first radio interview of the year as well.

I wanted to create the freedom lifestyle for me and my family that
I always dreamed of when I became an entrepreneur.
I want this for you as well.

February – Settled in to a large list of new clients on my
Recurring Riches for Life Coaching program, and then headed
back to the stage that started it all – the World Internet Summit
in Perth Australia. Magnificent place.

March – The kids were doing great at their internet school,
and Caleb was getting lots of acting jobs, while Celeste
expanded her internet business to include niche web sites
and ebay selling. Kennedy was still in regular school,
breaking swim records for her team. I had done Las Vegas,
Boston and California speaking gigs while we all enjoyed
a prosperous start to the year.

April – a return to the UK for a combined speaking engagement
and vacation, along with my sales for every event exploding
with amazing success and results. I had cracked the code
for platform selling and was on fire. 🙂

May – the whole family spent the month in Australia as I did
back to back cities each weekend. Because of internet
school, the kids kept up with their studies from abroad, while
we experienced all the magic of Australia – including a VIP
backstage experience at Steve Irwin’s Australian Zoo.
We held Koala’s, Kangaroos, Red Pandas, Snakes,
Petted and fed giraffes and stroked a cheetah. By this trip,
I had received 47 speaking engagements for the year –
at a time where society was in a recession – we had
created a freedom lifestyle where I got paid to travel around
the world, was able to take my whole family with me, and
experience the joys of family, wealth, health, and off the hook
good times that would live with us forever.


– this was the month I held my own event – The Dreams
to Reality Success Summit – and after meeting Debbie Allen
on Facebook, and Marie O’Riordan in Ireland – we were
having our first Power of 3 event back in Dublin, Ireland.
And then our next P3 event in Switzerland. It was the first
time I had ever been handed a HUGE amount in CASH.
(Yes I took pictures 🙂

By June I had 85 speaking engagements, and turned all
of them down, except for 3.

My life completely changed after these 2 events.

July – Las Vegas, and our first Power of 3 Bootcamp. This
event was 3 days, held in Sedona Arizona, and was the
biggest sales day I ever had.

August –
As a family, our first trip to the Grand Canyon, my first appearance
on stage with Yanik Silver, and a return to stage with Joel Comm,
Mark Joyner, Dave Lakhani, Simon Leung and many other greats.
Then the rest of the month, we returned to Canada to help
my parents move to Halifax, and see old friends and family.

September –
My son had his first film fest movie premiere for Grace Bedell, his
greatest acting year so far, my daughter Kennedy started her
modeling career, and Celeste started niche website building.
This also brought us back to London, UK for the start of our
European Power of 3 Tour.

October –
is the month where everything accelerated again, as The Power
of 3 went to Scotland, Ireland, Geneva Switzerland, Denver
Colorado, Calgary Alberta, Hollywood, California. We had
made record sales in record time, and the start of our new
corporation was EPIC. In there I was also a master of ceremony
for the Artists for a Better World Organization and it was a great

just when I thought the year couldn’t get better, I traveled with
my daughter Kennedy To Dubai in the Middle East for a Power of 3
event there, and we made history. Not only 3 women speaking
for a full day on their own stage, then on the main stage, we
broke records as we had done something that had never been done.
Then onto the Phoenix event, and now in the UK as I return to the
Millionaire Women’s Bootcamp. WOW!

Really – I have traveled the world – a dream come true – but even
better is with my family and greatest friends and partners
Debbie Allen and Marie O’Riordan. It is mind boggling how fast
your life can change, how great things can become, and
if I ever thought I had Quantum Leaps in these last years – it
was just a dress rehearsal for the speed we are helping
people around the world.

I hope you have a lot to be grateful for this year as well, or can
find something to take you into 2011 with inspiration, hope and
a way that you can exceed all your expectations and make your
dreams a reality and live the freedom lifestyle you deserve.

See you living your Freedom Lifestyle soon 🙂

Thanks for being a part of my community – it is an honor
and a privilege to be helping you.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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