A few months ago a report was released called the Guerrilla Information Balance Sheet.

I bought it, and have spent the last few months dissecting and implementing the strategies. In fact the report even went off the market, and today it’s back – so I thought it was the perfect time to give you my review.

Primary Objective: The primary objective of the report is to introduce the concept of FEBENE – which stands for Front End Back End and Never Ending Profit. It’s goal is to introduce how you keep all of your subscribers active and involved, versus the market funnel method which starts to reduce the number and increase the access price.
In addition, it reverses the philisophy that you can’t make money on the internet, by providing a fee at the introductory level versus free access. You provide a report so valuable, that the value far exceeds the price, and the fee charged doesn’t inhibit valuable subscribers but causes them to be more selective, and invest in you immediately.

Product Type: Guerrilla Marketing $10-report

Overall Five Stars out of Five and I’ll tell you why.

Product Overview: While billed as a $10-report, there are a few key differences to this and other similar products of this kind.

First, it’s over 50-pages which makes it more like an ebook than a report

Next, the ideas are legitimately new and not some watered down rehash, plus given the nature of the content, can do far more for the way you approach the next steps you take to make money, than most sophisticated products.

Lastly, while the report basically is a brilliant example of the FEBENE concept (ie. pay to see more), and it educates on the very philosophy it is teaching, the promises are fulfilled with “How to do’s” as well as “What to do’s”.

Product Location: Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report is located here.

Product Business Purpose: The purpose of this report is to help business owners “Never run out of money again” and become recession proof by turning your marketing expenses into a profit center. In today’s economy, this is a critical element to your security. Additionally, it focuses on how to get paid to market, because although getting it for free is cool, getting paid makes earning your first
dollar on the internet a breeze.

Product Quality: Quality is high and noticeable. The authors, Ben Mack and Paulie Sabol are working with the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson and since he isn’t likely to support anything but the best, it shows.

In addition it is easy to read and graphically attractive, has action steps throughout and the supporting links allow for implementation of the ideas immediately.

Summary: The report highlights that traditional business models causes owners to focus on the wrong things, and that may be responsible for the high failure rate of many new businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs.

The alternative approach, where you get paid for everything you do…and specifically for the areas of expense in your business, is provided.

The main example of turning your marketing into a profit center is spot-on, solid, and simple.

This is certainly the best $10-report I’ve seen in a very long time. I would recommend you get a copy because at $10 you have nothing to lose, and a whole new persective to gain.

It is changing the way I can quickly convert visitors to paying customers, and in turn I am already teaching it to my clients to fast track their way to profits.

Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

According to Ben Franklin, “The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.” Make this a day of new results.

Have a fantastically profitable day!

Tracy Repchuk
Marketing Makeover Maestro

PS – The Guerrilla Balance Sheet can be purchased at: Tracy Repchuk Recommends and for only $10, it is of immense value.

P.S. – This is not a typical rehashed report and it isn’t just a trend, but a new way of doing business. It is possibly history in the making and worth every penny. Full money-back guarantee!

Guerrilla Marketing Balance Sheet Report

In fact I like the product so much, they are using my testimonial on their site. Check it out!

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Tracy Repchuk

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