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Next Step Mentoring To Cash In On Your Foundation

Quantum Leap Alumni Mastermind

QuantumLeap Alumni Crew was birthed from the realization that after that initial time was completed – the foundation had been built but there was still a lot of work to be done.

You have your foundation, you have your message and your relationship management is in place.

Its now time for phase II. You want a game plan for expansion and steps to reach a wider audience.

Quantum Leap Alumni Crew is an invitation only private mastermind and opportunity for those who have been fully branded, your funnel is ready, and you are ready to create the results in your business with a fully guided mentor.

As the finishing touches occur on your cycle you may be invited to participate and join the Quantum Leap Crew Alumni Team.

This is an invitation only group where I work with you for the next year on the exact pieces your business needs to grow.

Once your web foundations are in place, the expansion strategy and work begins.

I deal with your business holistically – and have your vision clear that you wish to achieve – and from that – I work with you all year long to get you the steps you need to move forward, help you stay focused and not distracted by opportunities that won’t advance your goals.

The next phases of your business, once the baseline elements and marketing is in place, is executing actions where you reach new markets, gain the business new exposure and create new activities that drive prospects and interest to the entity. Speaking tours, book and product launches, media exposure and joint venture relationships, running your own events are possibly new marketing and selling opportunities that can be started.

For you, going into any of these for the first time can be time consuming, open to financial exposure, and if not done right can be a missed opportunity for expansion. This is where you get the true support of the Monthly Mastermind giving you the resources and security of an experienced “board of directors” helping you along on your growth to success.

Every month you get together and work specifically on any issues, opportunities and challenges within this advanced group in open Mastermind Webinar Calls.

Generally a business goes through phases, and as someone has been through all of them, and has a 30 year history not just in online but business and finance, I realized that it was beneficial to have you continue to get guidance from me, as I was already so informed about you and your company.

And the other thing we realized is your website maintenance was a critical part to the growth of your business.

When clients leave we saw 3 things happen

1. Their site never got updated – and that shows to visitors
2. They fell into old habits and got stuck in their business
3. Some felt like they wasted their money because nothing happened

Even worse we had 2 clients experience massive failure. One hired a VA that held him and his sites hostage for a payment – and when that wasn’t received he went to every site he could – including their own site – and posted fraudulent statements and slander as if it was an admittance from the person.

The other person had their site corrupted, and they left. All over a few hundred dollars.

Having safe, reliable, trustworthy people to keep your #1 asset – your websites – going strong is everything to your business reputation and progression through the business phases.

What people forget is the phases.

The first is inception – you get the idea you want a business.

The next is foundation – you build your online and offline presence. This is what our first year is all about. Getting your programs established, getting you understanding all the moving parts, getting your message clear – so that you are easily understood and have programs that are easy to understand and therefore buy.

Then comes stabalization – you work on income tasks to bring in money – leveraging your foundation.

Next is systems and structure – you get systems in place so that you can handle volume and can promote consistent programs that convert

Next is growth – this is where you expand your reach, and get procedures and policies in place so that you know what you are doing, and how something is done, and a VA or staff can understand and grow with you as well with less managing from you.

Then comes another stabalization stage – as you sell and support staff.

Anytime in there – can be a rebrand stage – where you outgrow who you were, and revise to appeal more precisely to who you are marketing to. This is why on year 3 of your membership, we include a full rebrand cycle if you need it.

Then comes expansion – where you implement, expand, grow, and stabilize all at the same time.

Failure at any of these levels results in a backslide of your progress and results. If you have never been through these, you won’t understand what to do when something happens. You need guidance, and that is where I can continue to serve you as well.

Jumping to a stage too fast can collapse and exhaust you and even collapse an income stream.

Not going to the next stage when it’s time – when fear strikes – you need to be given the courage to know you can do it or your profits could decline.

Building a business is an experience, that you have to go through, but you don’t have to go through it alone. I wish with all my heart I had a mentor when I had my software company – so now I make sure budding businesses don’t make costly mistakes – like I have done time and time again.

You’re in good hands – and I hope to remain a part of your growth for many years to come.

Plus some other benefits you receive are:

Website Maintenance Service

  • Website Maintenance – Up to 3 hours of maintenance per month on your site
  • This is worry free updating
  • So you know when you have new content, or want to change anything
  • You just send it to us and we are your web team

Your Private Partner 30 year Veteran Entrepreneur

  • Connection to Tracy for questions, advice, marketing material reviews, etc.
  • Monthly Quantum Leap Crew mastermind meetings
  • Access to opportunities deemed fit for you that come in, Tracy will guide you on how to leverage them

When you join before graduation, you will be grandfathered in at a reduced rate.

Your Quantum Leap Crew Alumni Package Includes:

  • 1 Deep Strategy and Phase II Call with Tracy – Gotowebinar – recorded – 1 hour (Value: $2000)
  • Email questions for any business advice, issues, quick strategies 1 year – ($60,000 value)
  • Website maintenance/Support up to 3 hours per month (Value: $2400) – hours are not carried forward (you may pull hours back from future months if you want and pay extra if you need to later)
  • Monthly Mastermind: Q&A, Strategy, planning, 1 on 1 in a group online setting where you can go deepdish on any element of your business every month if necessary – 1 year (Value: $12,000)

You will start off your program with a Personal Strategy Call with Tracy. Laying out your plans for the next year and establish the exact actions and steps to get you there.

You get an expert to quantum leap your launch, but you have constant Access to Tracy All Year and her 30 years of business experience.

Stay on track with your new Ultimate Partner, never in doubt with your message, positioning, social media, promotions and speaking. Have all your questions taken care of. She is there to answer them.

A community of experience and knowledge is always valuable and so there is the Monthly “Hot Seat” for all Alumni members as a webinar where strategy, techniques and methods and results are exposed and discussed.

Your online presence is also taken care of in this Alumni Program with Monthly Technical Services for maintenance, upgrades and improvements to your websites are yours.

Featured Members

Kathy Kingston

In just one day after one our of Quantum Leap Alumni calls Kathy pulled off a Hat Trick.
She closed the highest single consulting fee of my clients – mid 5 figures – for 1 client.

Her comments were –

“you gave me that extra boost to go for it with this young very up and coming woman auctioneer today!!!”
In the same day she also closed a webinar (which they paid her to do) that included a paid for book for every attendee, and she negotiated a profit share of the revenue, and to make it a hat trick – she just got a new Boston Gala Auction client.
Rock star that stepped into her power!

Marbeth Dunn

Sold a $3000 coaching package directly after a call, added almost 2000 subscribers to her database from one webinar, appeared on National TV all across America, started her own radio and TV show and went to #1 on itunes, opened up a non-profit in support of Haiti and overcame her fear of success.

Fantastic Frank Johnson

Became a #1 International bestselling author, got picked up by a publisher, appeared on national TV multiple times with his message, spoke on multiple stages, fulfilling his mission by inspiring millions.

There is a pay in full or monthly option.

Contact office at 818.859.7210 to make your selection.

On this program I have saved the current members more than this money alone by keeping you focused, and not investing in things that will distract you from your main mission. It’s hard to be your own counsel all the time, and to have someone like myself who cares for you, and about your success, and has the experience to keep you aligned and on purpose – is an important part of your business strategy and team.

I look forward to hearing from you and starting your enrollment shortly.

It also includes another 1:1 call with me – where we will be laying out the plans for you for your next year of productivity and results.

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