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Discover How to Accelerate Your Results

You have your foundation, you have your message and your relationship management is in place.

Its now time for phase II. You want a game plan for expansion and steps to reach a wider audience.

Quantum Leap Alumni Crew is an invitation only private mastermind and opportunity for those who have been fully branded, your funnel is ready, and you are ready to create the results in your business with a fully guided mentor.

I work with you all year long to get you the steps you need to move forward, help you stay focused and not distracted by opportunities that won’t advance your goals.

A QuantumLeapAuthor is a person or business that is on a mission, purpose, or journey to awaken, enlighten and illuminate the planet and its people in a way that brings about community, positivity, spirituality, or preservation.

If you are interested in becoming a QuantumLeapAuthor

There are 3 ways to become a bestseller. Depending on your budget, pick the option that’s right for you. If you are unsure – schedule a call at the bottom and I’ll help you decide.
This program is for next level achievers that have staff or a team that can make the recommended changes I will guide you through to Quantumleap your results. This program can cover finances, online marketing, team development, structure, systems – anything that you need to grow and scale.

It’s a 90 day – 1:1 with me – direct access consulting/coaching program where our goal is to get you the results you have been looking for and set you up for your next level.

Because of the time considerations, I only take on 11 clients a year in this program. Make sure you are one of them.

With Over 2000 Crowdfunding Platforms, Selecting One, Creating a Campaign, and Reaching Your Goals Can Be Complicated. What If I Told You There Are 5 Successful Strategies EVERY Campaign Must Have, Would You Like to Know What they Are?
On the QuantumLeapCruise first Officers, Tracy Repchuk, Amy Ostigny and Orly Amor are going to transform your business with a complete end to end blueprint that takes you from online mastery, social media selling and the science of selling. 3 masters in their fields, world renown and award winning they will take you, your business and your life and QuantumLeap it. In one week your life will be forever changed.
If you are a speaker and want to make a difference in the world, while making up to 6 figures in a weekend, this course and presentation review is for you!

You will know how to deliver a powerful presentation, make an irresistible offer, and create an experience for your audience that motivates them to take action.

When You Want to Dominate and Impress Your Market

Search engine optimization is a key strategy to marketing your websites, establishing your brand, communicating to your audience and positioning yourself as an influencer and authority in your field.

When it comes to video – you need 2 strategies.

The first is the establishment of foundational videos that are an integral part of your website and marketing. These are key to communicating effectively to your visitor, prospect and client.

Sometimes you need to bring all your pieces to someone and have them show you where they fit, or take it apart and rebuild it in the right way. That’s where quality time with an award winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist can change the trajectory of your business.

Customize your time to focus on whatever will produce the biggest breakthrough for you.

Anything from brand, websites, market funnels, list building strategies, product or service offers, presentations, year long strategies, target markets, anything online and business related.

Remarkable results in hours.

If you are struggling with overwhelm, not really meeting your goals, working too hard or have hit a glass ceiling…

I have good news for you. I am bringing the high-level training I do with my Platinum clients, direct to you.

No matter where you are in the income or business phase, this will help you see the formula you need to apply to make income fast, grow your business to a stable level, and then make more income over and over again.

I will reveal what has eluded so many because of the distraction, overwhelm and confusion that has planted you on a treadmill of busy work.

Get ready to simplify your life, get clarity in your actions, and finally be putting your attention where it should be.

The clouds are about to part and income nirvana is waiting for you.

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