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Now many of you may be going “Great!”, whatever Joel does, I am there. I am one of those people.

Others may be thinking, “So what another book.”

And that is a valid response, if this were just another internet marketing book. In fact, it’s an historical look at the evolution of Internet marketing, the people that were the greatest influencers, but more importantly, what that means for you today.

If you don’t know where you’ve been, it’s hard to know where you’re going.

In addition he will be revealing the history of money making moments and delves into the minds of those who made it happen.

– Why did they decide to start selling online?
– What were they doing before they started selling online?
– Were there any specific, duplicatable qualities that made them successful?

He cornered over forty internet marketers and forced them to document how they began, what makes them tick…

And not only that, he dug deep and provided us with the rich background of the trailblazers who “laid the tracks” so the Internet, the Web, hypertext, and the browser –which we all take for granted now– could be developed, enjoyed and used
in our businesses every day.

He’s given us the inside scoop on:

– The guy who predicted hypertext… in 1945?
– The first spam message, unleashed in 1982.
– The inventor of the modern browser, the “key” that makes
internet marketing what it is today.

Providing keen insight into the mindset of those early pioneers …
many of whom are still active in the marketplace today.

You can get your very own copy of this piece of Internet Marketing history today

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Joel retells stories such as:

– How the Army helped Mark Joyner become a millionaire
(read page 129 and see how he could have learned the lesson without the Army).
– Why Declan Dunn became known as “the online guy” (page 64).
– The event where the “Unknown Copywriter” was christened
(were you there? And who is this mysterious person? Read page 79 to find out).
– The fourteen year old girl who started a simple website that will pay her way through college (page 86).
– One of today’s top marketers who walked out of a job interview at IBM because the interviewer didn’t like his tie (no joke…read about it on page 181).

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Tracy Repchuk
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