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How to Save Time and Money on Friday the 13th

How much is your time worth?

If you see yourself staring down fourteen-hour workdays in order to develop and run a successful Internet business, you may want to consider outsourcing.

Outsourcing simply means paying someone else to perform certain tasks for you. Of course, the turnoff word here for many people is “paying.” You’re starting a business with the intent of making money, not spending it—right?

In many cases, the money you spend for outsourcing will actually mean greater profits. By hiring an expert to handle those tasks that would take you longer due to your lack of experience, you save time—time which you can then spend doing those things you are experienced with. This translates to more profit with less effort on your part. If you think about it, outsourcing is like giving yourself an hourly raise.

You can outsource just about any task associated with your business. Your cash outlay will vary according to the type of work you want done. When it comes to choosing which tasks you should look for someone else to do for you, a good rule of thumb is “do your best, outsource the rest.” If a task involves skill areas you haven’t developed, hire an expert.

Here are just a few of the tasks you can easily outsource:

• Website content and copy writing
• Website design
• Website maintenance
• Internet research
• Data formatting
• Search engine submissions
• Sales letter writing

When considering outsourcing, a good formula to follow is to weigh the money you’ll spend against the time it would take you to do the task yourself. Estimate how many hours it would take you to complete a project, and then divide what it would cost to hire someone else by that number. If you end up with something around three or four dollars an hour, give outsourcing serious consideration. Your time would be best spent on other business-related projects.

Good resource is Easy Outsourcing Now

Great places to use:

I use both of these with much success.

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