How to Flood Your Business With Customers

There are many ways to flood your business with customers, including learning How to Advertise a Small Business. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Join business/professional associations/organizations – These organizations serve as a resource for businesses or professionals of a particular type, such as travel agencies, restaurants, small businesses, doctors, etc. Tap into these resources and also take the opportunity to network with others. They usually have newsletters and websites on which you can advertise, and can sometimes become a “preferred vender” whereby they will endorse your company in exchange for a small percentage of profits you earn through the endorsement.

2. Offer help on radio shows/local fairs/be a local expert/call in shows – Many radio stations have call in shows where local residents can call in to an expert and ask questions. By offering yourself up as a local expert you can get your name out there, and the cost is only your time. Similarly, local fairs can also be a good place to offer your expertise.
Set up a booth where you provide free information or services. You may be able to get free space if you contact the administrators of the fair and provide are willing to provide a service that is useful to the community. They can use your name/service to draw more people in and you get exposure to fair attendees.

3. Volunteer or make a donation – You may be surprised at how much good will you can create if people see you out there volunteering for a worthy cause. You can get opportunities for networking with potential clients, and you can also ask the organization to publicly recognize your organization for your service or donation.

4. Partner up with search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN (Bing) to reach local customers in your area that are searching for your product/service. Paying for ads, or optimizing your websites with SEO based keywords are a good way to dominate the search engines.

Learning how to advertise a small business is easier than ever.

What used to cost $ 1,000?s of dollars and hours of your valuable time to advertise local ads with TV, radio, and direct mail, simply doesn’t take that much money and time any more (for as little as $ 70 and less than 10 minutes) to reach local customers searching for what small businesses have to offer.

Where are you going to be two years from now if you keep on using the same website that got you searching for a solution in the first place?

What effects will it have on your business if you don’t take action?

The prediction will be gone. Internet marketing, effective keyword strategies, and networking are a critical part of promoting your business, and they aren’t going away.

I even have a really great method for speakers, entrepreneurs, and coaches that pushes you to the top of your field fast – but that’s another post.

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