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The kids are off school, Celeste is heading to Knott’s Berry Farm for a party, kids are doing sleep overs, Facebook is rampant with posts and greetings, and Twitter is actively setting the stage for a New Year of trend setting.

I am doing my last minute Christmas shopping, and my 2010 year end planning. Since I am away in Canada for 2 weeks with my family, then the Internet Marketers cruise for 2 weeks, (in which the whole family is coming with me), right now it’s all about reflection and planning.

I am figuring out what I did right last year.
What I need to improve.
what I want for next year.
Doing the official month by month breakdown for 2010.
Teaching my clients how to do this, and getting them prepared.
Setting my ‘mentor’ goals – who I will be seeking out next year, and who I want to help next year.

I am setting up my charitable goals – because givers get more.

And I encourage you to do some reflection and planning, before the New Year’s ball drops, because the next day, it’s a brand new year, and time to start fresh.

For the next few posts, I am going to be posting some questions I have been getting about myself from clients and various interviews. I thought you might be interested in the answers, and be able to use some of them in your own life.


Now I know that as a busy and successful entrepreneur, there is not really such a thing as a TYPICAL day… But if you had to describe for us what an average day is like for you in your business right now – how would you describe it? What is your schedule like and what kinds of things are you doing each day?

Tracy Repchuk Answer:

I think in any business, you need an annual sales and marketing plan, a vision and mission statement, and to know what their week and day will look like. Sometimes because it is a home based business, people get casual about what they need to be doing. Or they don’t treat it like a business at all, because they feel they haven’t really started, they have just hired a mentor, or gotten a book. The minute you decide you want to have an internet based business – which can come in the form of you want to create a product such as a book, cd, dvd, coach, sell online – you have a business, and need to treat it, and your schedule like one.

So depending on the day, I have a typical outlook, and yes a lot of randomity can happen because my kids are actors and auditions and on set requirements can happen at any time, but at the beginning of each day, I already know what my day plan is.

So I start at 7am. Not because I am eager, but because my daughter is a swimmer and needs to be there by 5:30 or 6:30 depending on the day.
7-8am – I do client emails
8-9am – I do the outbound email blasts and blog posts – whatever that may be.
9-10am – Business implement (ie. My to do list)
10-11am – Client/mentoring
11-12 – morning wrap up tasks, clients, other emails, inquiries, new business
12-12:30 – lunch
1-4 – personal development – training/study/mindset/spirituality
(off location)
4pm – Take a class/learning for Internet Marketing skill
5pm – Interviews or webinar

Evenings – business streamlining and automation

In essence I work on my business now about 4 hours a day.
I work on myself 3 hours a day.
I help others 2 hours a day.
I learn new skills an hour a day

So I don’t work that hard anymore, and have a more balanced approach between me and the business. When family needs me, most things are dropped. The beauty of it, is I have it automated and streamlined, so I do make money while I sleep. And I have the training streamlined and modularized, so new clients coming through are easy for me to handle. 🙂

Hope this helps
Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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Tracy Repchuk

I Help You Get Seen – Be Heard – Make More – and #ReachMillions #1 International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach
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