Facebook Cover Photo Restrictions for Business

Facebook fan pages are an invaluable marketing tool for businesses of all types. If you market your business through social media and have already established a Facebook fan page, then you have already taken a giant step toward vastly broadening your Internet reach. What you may not know is that the new Facebook Timeline is soon to take effect for all Facebook users – both private and commercial – and your fan page is all of the sudden going to look a lot different.
Along with this different look, there will also be a number of exciting new features that can greatly improve your fan page’s effectiveness . . . as long as you know how to use them. One Timeline feature that has a lot of people talking is the Timeline Cover. Your Cover image covers some major ground – 851 pixels by 315 pixels, to be exact – and is a great way to market your business. Need some help choosing your all-important cover image?
Here are the Facebook cover photo restrictions for business:
The truth, and nothing but the truth.
There cannot be anything of a deceptive nature in you cover image. That means that you must leave catchy hooks out, in favor of clear, straight-forward, and easy to understand images and language. For example, don’t attempt to lure fans in with offers or promises that don’t exist.
Call to action.
Your cover photo cannot contain any type of call to action. You can’t even urge page viewers to “like” your page, “spread the word” about your page, or otherwise interact with or promote your page. Save the sales pitch for the fans who want it.
Contact information. Anything that belongs in your About section (email, phone number, address, etc.) must stay out of your cover photo.
Facebook user interface references.
You are not allowed to allude to any Facebook user interface features (such as “like” or “share,” for example). Facebook cover photo policies also forbid you to include any imagery (such as an arrow pointing to the like button, for example) that directs the page viewer to a user interface feature.
Business transactions.
Your cover image cannot contain any information in regards to the purchase of your product or service. Displaying prices, discount advertisements, or instructions to order are strictly forbidden.
Have fun with it and post a reply here – send me to view your great creation.
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