Does Your Business Card Help Or Hurt Your Brand?




Does your card accurately underline what your business is all about? 
Your business card may be the first visual evidence about your company.  Your card will either promote or deflate your professional image and your level of success at a glance.  If a prospect views your brand as unprofessional or confusing they will simply not show interest.

So if you want more business … improve your business image. 
While presenting marketing seminars to thousands of business people around the world we discovered that many had a poor representation of their business starting with their business cards.
In 92% of the cards we would review afterwards, the results were a shocking disappointment. 

You Only Have 1 Chance to Make a First Impression
Most companies present a poor and unprofessional image of their business at first glance. Very few business cards or marketing materials had an effective message that described the business clearly. Most lacked a strong visual logo, there was no branded image, or benefit phrase that set them apart from their competition.
This means your card, the first impression you and your company make, are failing. And if the smallest marketing piece of your business is not working for you, what else is costing you money.

Too Close To the Problem
Most owners are so close to your businesses that you don’t see the most obvious mistakes.  The reason for this is that you don’t always look at your business through your customers’ eyes. We often view it from a very narrow focus.  This can be disastrous for your image.  
Just as people judge individuals at first glance, so they judge a business image the same way. If a prospect views the business image as unprofessional or confusing they will simply not be interested.  That same prospect would then be lost to a competitor that does a better job at marketing their company’s image, brand and uniqueness.
The goal of an organization should be to create a strong, immediate message that clearly defines their business.  The message must connect an emotional bond with their prospects both verbally and visually. This same image and message must be coherent on all of the company’s marketing materials.

A great place to start improving your personal brand is to take a close look at your business card as if you were a prospective customer.  Below are some of the top marketing mistakes to avoid when creating your cards. 


Top 5 Most Common Business Card Mistakes

   1. Does not clearly define your business services and/or products.
   2. Lacks a point of interest, brand or unique selling proposition. 
   3. Does not generate interest or additional business.
   4. Omits essential information or is filled with non-essential information.
   5. Appears out of date or information no longer applies.


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