Do you know what the trends are for 2011?

I am about to tell you, but before I do, I want you to decide one thing.

Are you going to jump on the trend, and be a part of the front wave, or get your business
foundation in place so you can build on proven technology.

I don’t know which you should do – but I’ll tell you what the 2 choices are so you can decide.

Choice 1- Go with the proven technology.

Select your niche, build a landing page, go to a sales page, and for your product, I start
with a membership site.

Trends that are proven – Twitter, Facebook, Google, Blogs, YouTube

Choice 2 – Hop on the next trend

Similar to the above, except using the landing page technology, but instead of sending visitors to the website, you use SMS – Short Message Service they send a text message from their cell phone (something everyone has now) to your keyword using a service, and voila – they are in your database.


Right now we are spoiled with the free cost of email. SMS costs usually charge a subscription or
join fee, plus a monthly recurring fee – that increases extensively with volume. It is great
that if you are a speaker at a live show – or network at events, you simply say text me (and
it goes into your automated system). Many of the big marketers are embracing that, but that doesn’t
mean if you are just getting started, and haven’t some of the basic principles of internet marketing that it’s good for you too.

It is my advice that you get your basics in place and then add new trends – until they have become more mainstream. Reason – saves you money.

The alternative is to go for it . Jump in, and get as many names as you can from people you meet and be a trend setter. They will talk about how they met you, got you to text to their keyword, and you started getting messages.

Whichever route you choose, make sure you compliment your funnel with successful strategies, good copywriting
an irresistible offer and great followup with effective autoresponder or text messages.

Trends don’t determine your success – it’s about integrating with your whole business strategy.

Just remember that and your 2011 will be a HUGE success.

See you in the new year.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Recurring Riches for Life Coach

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Tracy Repchuk

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