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I had the great pleasure of spending a leisurely week with the kids during this Christmas break, and I still made money. My affiliate programs were operating, emails were going out, and campaigns were launching – all without me being there.

I didn’t even take my computer, or do any emails.

But as I planned our excursion around the happiest place on earth (although I did see a lot of crying infants and toddler melt downs while I was there) – it is a well-oiled machine from the way you got into the parking lot, to tram, monorail and rides.

The wait times were long, but we always made sure we had a fast pass for any ride we could. So we got one for Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Autopia and Buzz Lightyear.

They have it so you have to wait a few hours before you can get another one though – streamlining the queues.

We would eat while we lined up. Long lines up for every ride, so you need to be a packing genius if you have kids. You need food, drink, jackets for night time, the works. It’s like planning for an Internet Marketing launch. Good planning, produces good results. We each had a back pack full of goodies, and would buy food when necessary at lunch and dinner, but kept snacking to our own stuff – saves you tons of money for other things – such as a nearby hotel for easy getaways.

My favourite rides were Pirates of the Carribbean and Small World.

My kids would say Space Mountain and Indiana Jones.

Rides not worth the wait – Splash Mountain – Universal Studios beats this – not steep enough – although you get really wet – which is fun on a hot day, because there aren’t a lot of areas that cool you down. I can’t imagine going here in the summer – you would melt.

My kids managed to do the tea cups while we waited for Alice in Wonderland – again a good ride for the little ones, 8 and under. It was too tame for my gang.

Autopia where the kids get to drive – horrible smell of fumes and gasoline. I could never work there. Waiting in the line was crazy enough. Nice track, good length, but Ontario Place has a better track where you operate the car free form – no track – so my kids thought this was a bit lame.

Monorail – wasn’t the ‘tour’ I was hoping it was. Skip it.

Parade was pretty, fireworks were awesome and totally worth seeing.

But of course what stands out most is how they operate, keep the place clean, and by God are they genius at marketing products. Every ride had a store that went along with it – and the products were flying off the shelves. No carnival gimmicks, straight formula-based marketing with statistics tracking at every register.

That is why they were able to repeat the formula around the world with similar results, and that is what your goal is for your internet marketing business. Even with the Disney food price gouging and high-priced trinkets – people were after the full experience – because that makes it complete.

If you follow a formula that has been proven to work, and work it – then once you have the foundation in place, you can repeat it for every idea.

So start to make your own little ‘Happiest place on earth’ empire, and if you need help along the way, I am starting a new class on January 23rd for my JV Coaching Club full mentor program – so REGISTER TODAY – and get your foundation in place!

Tracy Repchuk
Quantum Leap Specialist

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Tracy Repchuk

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