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Instant Online Impact - Diamond

Online Web Presence

Diamond is a year long full concierge business consulting and online marketing service program where your websites, marketing, SEO, social media, autoresponder including Infusionsoft management and other items are done for you.

This program is you taking advantage of my 30 years of marketing history, 20 years of website development and an ability for me to take your vision and create it for you. I take technology off your plate, so that you can work on what’s important to you – serving your clients, advancing your craft, and getting your message out to the world.

This program is for those who are committed to taking your business to a whole new level and who want to get it right – now!

Get ready to breathe – put your project in trustworthy hands – and have me become your partner in business.

It’s my mission to get YOUR Message to the World.

This isn’t just about your websites – it’s about developing your brand, creating your message and launching your vision.

You’re going to get what you need from this program but before I give you the ‘features’ of the program you will receive from this program something that no other service can provide – because we are a one-stop shop.

  • Your time back – no more worrying about what is happening with your websites – they’re getting done!
  • Me on your team for ideas and strategic thinking and your entire technology team
  • Priority access to my technical support and me for your marketing questions
  • Speed to market – time is money, and when your sites don’t professionally match, that costs you bookings, clients,
    referrals and money. The question is how much are you losing every day.
  • DONE FOR YOU – yes – it’s done for you, but not just pretty graphics and interesting image placement, but the entire
    site is structured for a visitor experience to drive them to the purchase. This is a website with marketing results in mind.
  • Community and personal connections. This isn’t just a brand, logo, websites, a mentor, a coach, a consultant – this is a community for life that will nurture, encourage, help, serve, raise you up, celebrate with you, and hold you accountable making your dreams come true.
  • VIP and special treatment
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Promotion by me if applicable on launch to my database and followers

What can you expect besides your landing page, logo, brand and websites…

How about assistance with naming your programs, developing your signature program, helping to name your brand, your unique selling proposition, target market definition, how to integrate other programs and products you have, where the money is in your business, how to structure your speaker page, how to get speaking gigs, get on TV, get published, where to get reliable staff or VAs, how to do a book launch, product launch, telesummit, … pretty much anything I’ve done, I will be there to help you with for the duration of our time together.

Get Ready to Make an Instant Online Impact



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