One of the common questions I get from my clients, and one of the first things I tell them to do, is to change your Facebook long numbered account name – to a custom URL – preferably your name.

Why Do You Need a Custom Facebook URL?

1. It helps to secure your brand. Either your name, business, or keywords. My advice is to DEFINITELY secure your personal name.

2. It is easier to promote yourself – you can put it on a business card, on your presentation, your email signature and marketing materials, including other sites quickly

3. It is easy to remember. Try remembering your 15 digit number.

4. It is easier to find you and avoids confusion when someone types your name in, and 16 of you come up, which do they select. Make it a no brainer.

Even if you aren’t using your personal name in your business – and if you are an author or speaker you should be – for the above reasons, do it. And It’s free, so why wouldn’t you do it?

Here is How To Create A Custom Facebook URL also called a Vanity URL

1. Go to:
and reserve your name – claim your brand!

You have to login in order to do this, so if you have a Fan page, you will have an opportunity to claim custom urls for both your profile page and your fan page at the same time.

Some examples of my custom facebook URLS (to handle the 5000 personal limit) (business site)

So get your Facebook Custom URL – and enjoy this social media tip.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Power Business Mentor

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