CPA stands for Cost Per Acquisition.

Think of it as a fee for a lead, and it can come with huge rewards but even greater risk for the inexperienced. ?? Like Google Adwords, CPA has two sides.

The side where you sell products from a CPA network – which costs you nothing, just as clicking on someone else’s Google Ad would cost you nothing.

 And the other side, where you pay to be part of a CPA network and have your product profiled.

For this I am focusing on you buying into a CPA network opportunity.

How it works is you pay a network to drive traffic, buckets of traffic, and they can push through sales volumes of a 1000 units like a walk in the park – but before you see 1000 x $50 = $50,000 EVERY DAY, the average fee for a lead of that caliber, could cost you $80. Do the math and you can see you are $30,000 in the hole.

You’re still only paying for sales, so why does it cost more than you make. Because experienced people have the skilled upsell, downsell and backend that when you know your sales conversions on each of those, that $80, brings in on average 3 – 10x more per sale, plus you have the volume in your database to continue to promote to. Now you’re way ahead of the game.

So CPA recommendation, when you know what you are doing, your product is ready, your upsell, downsell and backsells are tested – jump on this one.

Until then, prepare for this day, because it is a windfall.??When you’re CPA ready – here are some steps to prepare for the networks.

1. Know your stats on click to conversion

2. Have banners and email text tested and ready to go

3. Know enough lingo to sound knowledgeable or they’ll eat you alive

4. Have a system in place for accurate and proper tracking

5. Be ready to fill out a credit application

6. Have reliable merchant processing in place that can handle volume

7. If you have physical product, have a great call center and fulfillment house with enough stock for a pilot test

8. Before you do any of this, have a stable and converting product with upsells, downsells and a backend so that you can recoup your lead sales fees fast, and take advantage of the flood gates of traffic and subscribers you will have as it’s very fast.

Co-registration is an effective method when you need a large number of subscribers for your E-zine, newsletter, announcement, promotions, or added to your in-house mailing list fast. Many large retailers and marketers have been using co-registration techniques to fill the sales pipeline for years in the offline world, but it has had an insurgence of popularity because of the increased understanding of the pay per click model, thanks to Google.

It allows marketers to build a permission-based targeted database of consumers interested in their products, services, company, brand or special offers.

However, with collection techniques that aren’t always reputable and bulk-lists from unknown sources, navigating the co-registration landscape can be more difficult than other methods, but when it is mastered can provide enormous traffic windfalls that can be accumulated virtually overnight.

There are two types of co-registration methods.

Service Method – You get opt-ins when they are actively pursuing related information and they agreed to get similar types of information. Here you purchase traffic often in a set number (i.e. 50,000), and when a certain amount of subscribers have been sent to your site, your contract is complete.

Ad Based – This is where you have an ad on a site and they specifically opt-in to you. It involves placing a small advertisement for your product on the registration pages of high volume third-party websites. Those interested in your service opt-in to receive more information. With the introduction of the ‘check box’ you have permission-based access to potential customers. This is the most reliable method, but can be slow.

Here are some issues when considering co-registration:
Capture techniques. This is very important because it will determine the quality of the opt-ins you receive, and is called ‘Pre-Checked’ opt-ins. You want the option boxes on the opt-in of the service you are using to be set to “no or off” not pre-checked or everyone will get the same person, and they quickly unsubscribe.

Deliverability. Can they be delivered in real-time? If not, then it could be days or weeks before the subscriber gets sent to you, and then they immediately opt-out because they have no connection to why they are even on your list.

List Sources. If you are paying for large volumes, be sure to spread the time frame out to an amount per day basis, versus a whole slew all at once. This will help with the integrity of the list, plus give you time to split-test the various sources. Have them use multiple list sources and track every list. Do a small sampling, and then whichever list performed best, ask them to mine from that one for the remainder of your quota.

Incentive-Based Opt-Ins. Make sure they don’t use incentive-based opt-in, i.e. Opt-in for a chance to win a Free IPOD or MP3. You’ll get the people going for a contest, and they probably won’t be interested in what you are offering, unless it too is free.

Know their sources. Before you sign a contract for any co-registration deal, get details about the target demographics and do a check of some of their rankings at

More is Better. The information captured by the co-registration service typically consists of a name and e-mail address and if they have more information those are the most reliable, but this can also cost more.

Payoff. You need to find out if this is a method for you based on the payoff. Does the list convert, and if so, was the cost invested less than the cost produced, and what ratio did it produce. If the profits exceed the costs, then perhaps this is an effective method for you. It may not have a clear-cut conclusion; it can be a matter of the company you select, the quality of their list, you being aggressive with the split-testing first, do the final blast over time, and avoid opt-ins with incentives.

There are benefits and weaknesses but by knowing when you’re ready you can take your business instantly to the next level.

Here’s to your success

Tracy Repchuk

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