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What are Some of the Common Problems that People Experience in Using the Internet to Create an Income?

1. Fear, fruit salad, wet blankets and past failures – I lump this into one category – because all of it is there to simply tell you that the decision you made was wrong, and you should not continue. Including people aka – wet blankets – that are around you. If you are confident, nothing can touch you. Simply don’t listen and go after your dreams. So what if you make a mistake, simply fail forward faster.

2. Wrong information – not all information is created equal, especially when you are searching on Google for it. Get it from someone who has proven they have made it work, and proven that it can be duplicated by others

3. Wrong order –  I call this traffic itis. This is where everyone wants to have traffic, traffic, traffic, so they keep investing in this, but they have no landing page, or one that doesn’t convert, no sales page, or it’s weak, no long term traffic strategies – in other words, they invest in products and/or mentors for things they don’t need yet, and then wonder why it didn’t work. That is why a path is so critical – when you bake a cake, you need a recipe, and only after you have made that cake can you decide what you can change or improve on.

4. information overload – they have gathered so much information, that their head is spinning, their email boxes are exploding, and none of it makes any sense.

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