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Where would we be without our amazing kids some times.

Celeste Repchuk The Winner of Out’s Lady Gaga Video Contest

Last week saw three finalists gunning for first place in our Lady Gaga Video Contest and at one time or another each clip held the pole position, but in the end Celeste Repchuk’s take on “Just Dance” pulled ahead to claim the win.

A mere 13 years old, Celeste conceptualized, shot, starred in, and edited the video (along with some help from her brothers).

While we’re not sure the pop star — and current Out magazine cover girl — has seen the winning video, we believe she’d be ecstatic to think she inspired Celeste and she’d certainly be proud of her creativity, ingenuity, and dedication to living the glamorous life.

Congratulations to all three of our finalists.

We’ll be sending you your Lady Gaga prize packs soon!

In the mean time, let’s have another look at our grand prize winner:

Here is the link to the video on pop.nography’s site.

Celeste Repchuk Winning Video Link


celeste repchuk lady gaga video contest winner

It started with Celeste asking me if she could send in a video for a Lady Gaga contest. Thinking to myself sure, as long as it doesn’t involve me, I said “Sure Go for it!”

She grabbed the video camera, a boom box, and her brother. And they wandered through every crevace of the house playing the song, changing her outfit, and shooting video. This went on for days. The total time of the video was 3:20. It would take 2 days to shoot a minutes worth, as she would stop the scene and change it every few seconds.

Upon completion, the night before submission, we discover it was for 18 years and older. They need my permission. I send a quick email to give consent, they get permission from their lawyers to accept it, we get word it’s good to go.

She makes the Top 3 finalists, and that is where public voting began.

Again, she took the lead and hit her facebook friends – every day. And sure enough – they showed up to give their support.

Great example of tenacity, completing a project, and reaping the rewards.

She won the contest, and the video and information then get sent to Lady Gaga’s management team – who will ship the prize pak.

Very proud mom, a daughter that is bursting with excitement and anticipation over what Lady Gaga goodies will arrive, and now she is seeking what project she’ll do now. Love it!

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