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So my son Caleb will be appearing in the next Hollywood Undead Music video, playing one of the members as a youth. Check it out:

(Caleb Repchuk with Hollywood Undead – 2nd from the right)

Over 23,000,000 hits to their myspace page, and 300,000 downloads a day, Hollywood Undead, made its name as one of Myspace’s all-time most popular bands by posting brash, raucous tracks like the brilliant “Undead.” Known to wear mysterious masks in public, Hollywood Undead is an intense live act that plays scorching versions of favorites from its debut album, “Swan Songs,” which debuted at #22 on the Billboard charts.

Caleb Repchuk, actor has just completed taping of the music video Young with the explosive heavy metal band which will be launched on Hollywood Undead’s tour which is available at Live Nation Hollywood Undead Caleb is playing a youth inspired version of the Hollywood Undead.

Caleb who at the age of 11, is used to playing younger versions of superstars. He was Young Donald Trump in the movie Trump Unauthorized.

The song and video called “Young” is like a George Orwell’s 1984 scene. The state is controlled by suppressives, and 6 suburban youths break out of the insidious captor and fight to take back their identities and garner the freedom to think, do and act in a way that promotes peace.

The song contains lyrics such as:

Yes we wave this flag of hatred
But you`re the ones who made it
Watch the beauty of all our lives
Passing right before my eyes
I hear the hate in all your words
All the words to make us hurt.
We get so sick we`re so sick
We never wanted all this
Medication for the kids with no reason to live.

We are young but we have heart
Born in this world as it all falls apart
We are strong
But we don`t belong
Born in this world as it all falls apart

For full lyrics head to Hollywood Undead “Young” lyrics

Shooting took place at various spots around Hollywood, including City Hall where capturing the airwaves and broadcasts of propoganda is their only hope for freedom.

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