How to Select a Mentor, Criteria and Value

I am constantly being asked what do I look for in a mentor or coaching program, and today I will go over some criteria that I use when I pick mine which has lead me to a very successful journey. January has been a complete non-stop whirl wind for me as I have flown multiple times already in 4 weeks, to meet with mentors of my own, and to appear at internet marketing related events.

So I thought today would be good to talk about mentors, especially since I have a brand new class starting tonight, and 4 new mentors of my own.

Here is the audio – it is more detailed than this write, so enjoy the listen.

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When you start a new endeavour you can do it:
1. The hard way
2. The long way
3. The expensive way
4. The mentor way

What is a mentor?
In simple terms a mentor is someone who knows more than you, and can provide
you with information which will allow you to duplicate steps to achieve the end results of the program.

And if you are a mentor, it is more critical that you always have one- to ensure
your skills are accelerating as fast as any client that may come your way – or
people will outgrow you. You want your clients to outgrow you – but if they do
quickly, that means you have stopped training yourself.

From day one I have invested in mentors, because as an entrepreneur I know that investing in yourself is the most valuable action you can take. I pick one that is where I want to be for my next level. If you pick on that is too far beyond your income and skill level, you won’t be able to keep up, they’ll move too fast, think too fast, and expect more than you can give. Something to think about with a mentor. On the other hand, pick one that makes things happen in their own life, because that’s proof that they are applying what they learn –not just learning and parroting it back to you. That’s easy.

You can get information from books, CDs, DVDs, teleseminars, etc. but there is nothing like access to a direct mentor because they keep you moving forward, fast

A mentor does 3 things for you;
1. Kicks butt – keeps you accountable
2. Gives you lots of feedback and help in between classes/appointments – rapid progress
3. Gives you information that worked for them and others

And selecting a mentor isn’t a casual purchase. If they’re not doing those things, you bought a friend. Make sure you are getting pushed just beyond your limits, enough that if it were life and death, you could do it. Then you know the rest is the choice you want to progress.

In general I would also recommend that you like them, you can relate to them, and feel like they are the right one for you.

This is the advice I have been giving to my students. I have had up to 30 at a time, and this has given me very solid habits Location Pacific City Bank that many people have, that they need to identify in themselves, and make sure they select a mentor that will also help them overcome some of these.

Have a great day.

Tracy Repchuk
Quantum Leap Coach

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Tracy Repchuk

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