Once again I am talking about Blogs, but this time there is an added twist of talk.

Blogtalk radio that is.

I am so excited after the World Internet Main Event, and seeing the latest technology, that I really had to remember that there are people that still do not have a blog.

Some don’t even know what a blog is.

So if you intend on making money on the internet, then you need to know this.

Blog – web log we(b log)

It is a medium that combines content, personal stories, audio, video and is a way to make money and provide value-added information to the internet.

It is internet marketing made easy.

Blogging, is a part of web 2.0 technology, which simply means a shift in the way the internet and content are built.

Instead of corporations and publishers or media, users are creating the content.

And a blog is at the forefront of simplicity for this technology.

Closely connected then are the thousands of social media sites such as myspace, delicious, furl, or squidoo where users communicate at the speed of thought. Then, users rate sites, vote for sites and determine what content is important based on this. Examples of this are YouTube.

In this world, Google doesn’t necessary hold all the cards.

While I was at the World Internet Summit this past weekend, I saw the unveiling of the next version of these community built sites called Web 3.0. It is intuitive based-systems that make connections between people and businesses based on resources and needs. It takes it up a notch using intelligent software design that actually computes based on web queries. This new level is a ‘web top application’ and operates on servers.

So where does this leave you.

1. Get familiar with blog, and use it to express your product, build your brand and create a personal approach with your prospects and customers. Show the real you.

2. Put Adsense on your blog, and make money from the traffic.

3. Get your own name as a domain name, especially if you are in internet marketing, and you might possibly be a brand name from your popularity. Get this before someone else does.
Ie. I have www.TracyRepchuk.com – you should secure yours. If it is already gone, add something to it. www.AskTracyRepchuk.com

5. Delve into radio if you have something to say with blogtalkradio.com

6. Delve into video as soon as you can, and go to sites such as YouTube for volume, or FreeIQ for business, or Revver.com and monetize it

(In my book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles I go much more in depth, and have about 16 tips for Blogging)

So where does the talk come in – I have done a full talk about this topic on my segment on Blogtalk radio – Blogging Your Way to Becoming a Brand – September 19th

Tune in to hear me Every Wednesday at 7:00am PST on Blogtalkradio.com/todaysguest
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Tuesday at 9am PST on Blogtalkradio.com/Bookwisefamily

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