Just wanted to post a couple of pictures from a makeover I had. I always love to do something, change something, analyze everything, and set my new agenda before my birthday arrives.

The last time my birthday was on its way, I decided I wanted to be come a bestselling author. Wish I had thought of it earlier than Feb. 17th, but better late than never. Within 58 days I had written a 300 page book, formatted, published, designed, built the sites, got joint venture partners, and launched to bestseller.

This year, I went the makeover route. Change in appearances. I have traditionally come from a ‘jock’ background. I looked like a boy most of my life. I played every sport under the sun – track and field, soccer, basketball, baseball, field hockey, football, volley ball, badminton – and for most won major tournaments and awards.

I played soccer for the city until I was 30, and back then, there was just no where else to go after that age.

I played basketball until the age of 35, then that was it for that sport too. There was no one left to play with.

So my appearance had zero value to me really. I never wore makeup, lived in sweat pants, runners and a bulky jacket.

Then for those of you who followed me from the beginning, I was quickly thrust on stage and started teaching internet marketing, and offering coaching, and making tons of public appearances.

But still, I had no idea how to look, dress, do my hair. It was almost embarrasing. My kids have more fashion sense, and apparently the sports bra was doing nothing for me.

So as this birthday approached, I sought out the next change in my life – my appearance. I bought new clothes, cut 13 inches from my hair, and learned how to put on makeup, and use hair product. I went to a top image consultant in New York called Lauren Solomon, who I came across by doing an interview with her.

Lauren’s Site – Lauren Solomon Image Consultant

Well, when I went to my last show in New Zealand, people who knew me were astounded. They barely recognized me. Apparently I had done good. Everywhere I went people said I looked younger, bouncier, happier. (Which amazed me because I didn’t think I could look happier). Perhaps it was the 3 pound weight loss from my hair 🙂

Anyway, here are a few pictures that were taken at the event. I haven’t had my professional shots done yet – but I just wanted to share my birthday countdown start and makeover.

tracy repchuk speaker

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PS – Here’s the interview I did with her too if you’re interested.
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