Welcome to one of the most amazing social media platforms I have seen emerge on the market – that combines the power of a business to business environment with the matching algorithm precision of a dating app – so you get the customers, connections, speaking gigs, and influence you need – NOW!

Even better you get paid to let others connect.

You are invited … 

Key Benefits to Joining BK….


Only $499 to get in at ground floor


Refer two who join and your Membership is Free for Life*


You get paid to bring others in - for unlimited amounts and tiers. Bring in 5 members and you are a Fully Qualified Founding Affiliate with super powers.


You get a Deluxe Webinar platform account ($1012 value) - for only $12.99 per per month. If you use the most popular platform like I do, with the account I had (included webinars) I got money BACK. - MORE than I paid for my BK membership.


Included is free world-class training and coaching on major business topics - both live and on-demand replays (Over $15,000 in value) and this alone is worth the entire fee


Includes the most powerful business lead generation and connection engine on the planet

What is it? It’s the next social media platform that connects businesses and leads together automatically using the power of a dating-app algorithm to connect you to clients, speakers, and partners. It’s a precise lead generation system with a built-in rating system to ensure high-quality connections.

PW: KonnectMe

Got Questions? Call 818.859.7210

Why this is Affiliate Marketing

*Third Party services such as webinar platform made available through your membership may still have fees and charges attached

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