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I finished the Baby Hat Pad sales website – so check it out

Before the product launched it was #1 on Google for its search keywords from a method I employed before the product was even created.

Baby Hat Pad is a really great patented invention that protects a toddler from head injuries that are often sustained during the tenuous learning to walk phase of life. If you have a baby or toddler that is starting to get active, you should really take a look at this product – it could save a child’s life, or at the very least, make it very safe to learn in.

Here is the testimonial from Richard Harrington, the inventor of Baby Hat Pad:

“I was #1 on Google before the launch!!!!”

“I have used Tracy Repchuk, The Marketing Makeover Maestro for my product “The Baby Hat Pad” since I first decided to sell on the Internet. She stepped me through all of the processes, and I didn’t have to do anything except focus on my product.

Whatever I needed the site to do, she made it happen. And then when I really needed to take it to the next level, Tracy knew exactly what to do. She recommended a sales site, with a landing page and autoresponder cycle. I have started with the sales site and will be getting the other elements completed as soon as possible from her 31-Day plan. My product launch will be a huge success, and I am already ranked #1 on Google search because of preliminary work Tracy did to make sure when my product was ready to go, I was already where I needed to be in the search rankings.

It has been a pleasure working with her, and I will continue to use her amazing services for as long as I am on the Internet. I would recommend her for anyone that needs to have their web site and product launch needs taken care of with no worries at all, while you focus on making money and more products. She delivers in abundance, gives me business and life advice for free, and is truly excited for me and wants to do everything in her power to make sure I become the success I am reaching for.  

If you need someone that knows how to create the sales copy you need to get your product launched, look no further than Tracy Repchuk. She is an artist with her words and a skilled master with her work.

Tracy and her book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles are the source that will guide you through every step of your Internet journey.”

Richard Harrington,
Creator of the Patented Baby Hat Pad

Tracy Repchuk
Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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Tracy Repchuk

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