Is CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for you?

Right now in the industry, there is a lot of buzz about CPA. And that is great, for those people who are selling CPA products, or who are really ready for CPA.

The issue comes when you see it, don’t know what it is, and wonder if this is something you should be jumping on right now, and jump on it.

CPA is hot. You can make enormous money with CPA. You can sell 1000 units a day with CPA and you can get traffic in the millions to your site every month.

It’s all true – however – it comes with a big cavaet and warning that no one is talking about.

I am about to reveal when you need to get into CPA for you, so that it is safe.

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Now when you are ready for a CPA – here are some quick steps to get you organized.

You need to prepare a proposal for the network –
1. Know your stats on click to conversion
2. Have banners and email text tested and ready to go
3. Know enough lingo to sound knowledgeable or they’ll eat you alive
4. Have a system in place for accurate and proper tracking
5. Be ready to fill out a credit application (you’ll find out why in my audio)
6. Have reliable merchant processing in place that can handle volume
7. If you have physical product, have a great call center and fulfillment house
with enough stock for a pilot/test run
8. Before you do any of this, have a stable and converting product with upsells, downsells and a backend so that you can recoup your lead fees fast, and take advantage of the flood gates of traffic and subscribers you will have.

This is where mentors make you money, not cost you, because one jump at an investment like this, or others, can cost you thousands… be prepared and have a mentor that is reliable, and knows what is best for you – until you do!

Have a great day.
Tracy Repchuk
Bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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Tracy Repchuk

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