Are you ready to transform your life?

Alex Mandossian is the master of training on teleseminars. He also has a no holds barred reputation of over delivery, and he can transform your life in 90 minutes.

How? Teleseminars are ways to make more money in one night, in one month, than you do all Year.

I made $21,000 in 90 minutes on one teleseminar I held.

So that you can learn from the best, and catapult your income too, check out this video.

Alex Mandossian Teleseminar Video

If you’ve never been on one of Alex’s teleseminars, then take a moment to read this message – it may be the single most important invitation you’ve received from me this year, and for less than the cost of lunch, just one tip you take away could easily recoup that cost for a return on investment of 90 minutes.

You will learn Tested Marketing Methods that:
– Create Winning Info Products From Scratch
– Grow Massive Prospect Lists … And
– Accelerate Your Personal Wealth By Unlocking The Power Of Your Telephone!!

And, I just made a special arrangement to save you $79, that’s an 80% DISCOUNT.

If you’ve been on any of Alex’s teleseminars before, you already know how important this invitation is, so register now before all of the $20 tele-slots are Sold Out!

Your VIP Discount Code is: AM3964

Alex Mandossian Teleseminar Training

As an FYI about this:

Alex’s bridgeline has 856 tele-slots, so with Alex, Me, and our “Audio Person” taking up 3 lines, exactly 852 will be left over.

That’s why it makes sense to click the free link below and find out if there’s still room for you to attend Alex’s 90-minute tele-training.

—>> What You’ll Learn In 90 Minutes <<—

In less than 70 minutes, you’ll learn battle-tested teleseminar strategies that’ll help you capture MORE sales, faster, better, easier … without making you spend a single penny more on ads or promotional costs!

—>> Who Is This Teleseminar For? <<—

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-working entrepreneur who makes several hundred thousand dollars a year, or a budding small business owner who is knee-deep in debt and can’t see a way out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to business and have no idea how to start, or if you’re a 23-year veteran at the top of your game;

Alex claims that he can teach anyone (who is open and willing to learn new methods) to instantly make more money ~ faster, better and with a lot less effort … with his teleseminar secrets.

That’s why I want you to grab your mouse right now, click the link below, and see if there are still teleslots available for our 90-min. call.

Your VIP Discount Code is: AM3964

Find out more right now:
Alex Mandossian Teleseminar Training

—>> Why Claim Your Tele-Slot Now? <<—

Because we CAN and WILL guarantee you this…

They will be sold out and in just 90 minutes….

…you’ll discover 9 teleseminar styles that can instantly accelerate your sales;

…you’ll learn 5 battle-tested teleseminar tactics to build a highly responsive online list, even if you’re starting from scratch;

…you’ll find out the 6 no-nonsense ways to get a higher percentage of your teleseminar registrants to show-up for LIVE calls;

…you’ll uncover 3 ultra-quick, easy and hassle-free ways to develop solid content from scratch, even if you struggle with writer’s block;

…you’ll encounter a sure-fire way to approach top business leaders in any field and create “residual” streams of income via your own teleseminar series and other live events!

Yes, all that – and much, much, more!!

—>> Teleseminar Secrets Are 1 Click Away <<—

If you’ve read this far, then I know you believe you deserve to take your business
to the next level, and more important, you’re willing to do what it takes to get there ahead of the competition.

By saying “doing what it takes” I’m not asking you to dig into your wallet and enroll
in Alex’s 8-Module Teleseminar Secrets course.

All I’m ask you do to right now is to clear your calendar, click the VIP Registration Link and join us for the most thought-provoking phone call you will have ever made this year.

What you learn may change your life!!!

To find out if teleslots are still available, just grab your mouse, turn-up your PC speakers and click the link you see below to attend as one of my VIPs.

Your VIP Discount Code is: AM3964

For $20, the cost of a lunch, you will gain more from this knowledge than any other investment for the cost you have ever done.

Alex Mandossian Teleseminar Training

LAST THING: Alex and I are so committed to making absolutely sure that the strategies you learn will be burned into your brain, he has even prepared a Study Guide to keep you focused during the call 😉

You can download your Study Guide after you register and your VIP tele-slot is confirmed.

This you can fill in, and keep as a reference guide forever.

All tele-slots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If you fail to get in on time, you’ll be automatically placed on our “Stand-By” list and you’ll be notified by email the moment any new tele-slots open up.

The first year I hesitated, I was on the stand-by list.
And… Alex only does this once a year.

See you there.
Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – Don’t hesitate. I got you a $79 discount, It’s only $20, you will thank me after I guarantee it.

Alex Mandossian Teleseminar Training

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Tracy Repchuk

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