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How to promote your offerings on Facebook

Facebook is a powerful promotion tool, offering Google Adwords type features, at a much more targeted audience, and many free methods to get the word out.

Here are the top 8 ways to use facebook to promote

1. Whether it’s a website landing page, a blog with affiliate marketing, or any other type of product or service you want to promote, you start with the contact list. Then, you use the features of the site to help get the word out by starting to use the features that tend to be more “newsy” and viral. For Facebook, these features start the ball rolling quite nicely:

2. Status updates – This is a feature where you get to broadcast to your friends what you are doing. You can also add links there to different pages on the Internet. Try to include valuable information and not just a link to a sales page, because it can get you some unwanted notice from the admins. But, other than that, you can use it to lead traffic back to your website, blogs, articles, and any other content you want to promote on the web.

3. Comment on other people’s updates – What’s the point of sending out information only to your own friends? Why not hook into other friends and add a link where appropriate? When you comment on the status, it goes into the newsfeed and their friends see it too. It also gets put on their wall. Just don’t spam or solicit overtly and you should be fine.

4. Share a link, post – Like some web post or article you saw online? Why not share the link or post on your wall? Your friends will see it in the newsfeed and it will stay on your wall too.

5. Upload photos and comment – Photos tend to gather much more attention than text. So, add some good photos and link them to your niche or market. If they get commented on a lot, they can go viral fairly quickly.

6. Create your own application – It’s not as hard as it sounds since it’s basically just a collection of images. Then, you add it to the application market place and wait for others to install it. You can put your URL in various places and gather a lot of promotion this way.

7. Promote a blog on Facebook – There are a number of people who have set up blog networks on Facebook and can be a great way to network your blog with other bloggers, create more friends from subscribers, and promote the heck out of your blog. If your blog has advertising on it, you can even make some nice change.

8. Facebook Event – if you’re having an event, or a teleseminar simply create a facebook event, and others will see it from all over. You can also promote the event link in any of the above methods as well – doubling your exposure.

These are the free ways to promote using Facebook, next time I’ll talk a bit about Facebook Ads – and how to jump on the latest facebook trend.

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