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Tracy Repchuk and Hyrum Smith

I am always looking for success strategies, but when I was at an event with Hyrum Smith – the amazing genius behind the Franklin Planner and he wanted to share his wisdom, I knew I had to pass it along. In his career he developed the Franklin Planner – a feat in itself – he purchased Steven Covey’s company and called it Franklin Covey – and then took his company public making his worth about 700 million dollars. A master wordsmith and orator are only a couple of his obvious skills, the one I thought you might be interested in is the list of 8 steps he put together to guarantee your business will be successful.

From ground zero to ending up on the New York Stock exchange and creating 3000 employees who now owned a piece of the pie, his philosophy is simple but a great gauge to measure your current business.

1. Give a Guarantee – you must have a product that you are willing to totally unconditionally guarantee

2. Surround Yourself With Good People – select people of high integrity, and blue chip platinum just like you.

3. Sense of Urgency – need to be in a hurry as the only competitive edge you have may be the speed you have over the competition

4. Passion – create a corporate culture that all of your staff is in alignment with from CEO to janitor.

5. Financial Success is Second – Financial success must be a byproduct of some other success – ie. customers getting results.

6. Customer Service – integrate from every point of contact and be better than your competition

7. Faith in Yourself – you have to believe you can do this and if you don’t believe it – get out now. Stop wasting your time.

8. Faith in God – or a higher power depending on your beliefs. Put something bigger than yourself, make other people’s lives better and contribute to making a good living

I’m going to add one more that he didn’t cover in this section, but he mentioned the use of it in everything.

His business, personal life, family, and that was a set of principles that everyone followed. He likened it to a constitution that got read, agreed and signed. Not only does it help keep you and your teams practices clean and clear, it helps in your decision making for everything you do.

If you get a chance to see Hyrum Smith speak, do whatever it takes and you’ll get a great perspective for your success and business growth.

Here’s to Your Success

Tracy Repchuk
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