I’m off for a working vacation.

I set off on July 2nd for the ultimate destination of St. Kitt’s
where a ship is docked that I will be boarding for 10 days. It is
a platform sales and closing conference. It is almost unbelievable.
I will need to heavily document in the books for this I’m sure.

“No really sir, that cruise I took was business!”

I think more conferences should be on cruises, the thought of no
distractions while I learn is going to be very interesting.

My first flight went from Los Angeles to San Juan. It left at
12:10am, and arrived at 10:30am.

So what did I learn on this flight?

That hats that read “Bride” and “Groom” should not be worn. If anyone
sees these hats or you get them as a gift, either walk away, or
say thank-you and donate them to charity. Is it just me that thinks this??

When they appear together, they’re not cute. I think the hand holding
and public display of affection is more than enough without the need
for hats that say “Bride” and “Groom”. I think if you saw it, you would agree.

The other thing I learned is I am addicted to the internet. Without a connection,
I missed my emails, and blog. I enjoy the constant banter of communication of
the written kind, and I wanted to post this to my blog. I will have to wait until
I board the ship.

The second part of my flight went from San Juan, Peurto Rico to St Kitt’s was
the ship I was going on was amazing. Here is a picture of it for your viewing pleasure.

I’ll try to get some shots as well of the actual conference – I need them anyway
for documentation if you’ll recall. So I might as well share them with you too.

My internet marketing tidbit for you today, since you’re here, and it can’t all
be about the trip is 6 Sure Fire Ways to Make it in Internet Marketing.

1. Be focused on your goal, don’t get pulled to ‘act-now’ offers that don’t meet your exact needs for where you and your business are, and always put as much effort into accomplishing your goal as you can.

2. Get a mentor. In my book I have a complete analysis, but barring that, make
sure what they offer, is what you need RIGHT NOW, and that they will be delivering
it in a way that suits your personality. ie. workshop, tele-class, home study course,

3. Create a support team around you from peers you meet at events. Create a mastermind group
that meets online and support each other through joint venture activities. This is a great way
to jump start your efforts. Use money, not people, and build relationships that last.

4. Know that you are an investment. You will need to invest in products that assist you to meet
your goals. This could be software, eBooks, continuity clubs, PPC, training, seminars, and
anything else that is right for where your business is, and what it needs to take the next step.

5. Remember that what you are building is a business. Put the structure around it, keep good
records, build a system that monetizes, systemizes – is able to be automated, and residualizes –
is able to support an affiliate program where people can help you grow and sell, so that you
can take the time to build your next product or program.

6. The $1,000,000.00 days you hear about, and $250,000 in 8 hours, came after a very long journey.
These took a lot of back effort, sometimes years, to get to that moment, that they are now
capable of repeating, because the first 5 steps were put into place.
Have a wonderful day.

Tracy Repchuk

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