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5 Ways to Use Facebook GeoTargeting for Your Business
5 Ways to Use Facebook GeoTargeting for Your Business
Facebook’s geotargeting feature now makes it possible for you to pick and choose the exact target location of your audience, on a per-post basis. This has many useful implications when it comes to business marketing, so it’s a good idea for you to learn how to use geotargeting to maximize the effectiveness of your business’ fan page. Need some tips?
Here are five ways to use Facebook geotargeting for your business:
Time zone effectiveness.
If you understand the ins and outs of social media marketing, then you know that your posts are most effective when they are live – that is, when other people see them fresh on the newsfeed. News travels quickly, and fades just as quickly, when it appears on a rapidly shifting newsfeed, so it is important that you get your posts out to all of your customers in real time, no matter where they live, and without clogging everyone’s newsfeeds. You can do this by sending your posts to the appropriate time zones at the appropriate times, and geotracking enables you to do this.

Keeping it local.
If you are sponsoring a local event or offering a special that is only relevant to your local customers, then it is pointless (and a nuisance) to repeatedly advertise it to people who are not in your target area. Use geotracking to keep local news local, and to spare everyone else of wasteful posting.

Targeting photos and videos.
You can really customize your targeted marketing campaigns by posting geographically-specific photos and videos to areas of your choosing. This is a great way to create a memorable, interactive experience for customers all over the globe, on a per-location basis, and that means loyal customers all around.

Multi-lingual opportunities.
If your business caters to a mixed crowd who speaks a variety of languages, then you can use geotargeting when you post language-specific posts that might otherwise crowd your fans’ newsfeeds with text they can’t read or understand.

Comparison testing.
You can use geotargeting to gauge your fans’ responses in different geographic locations. That way, you can identify market trends that are location-specific, and can create campaigns to target specific zones that you know will be most responsive.
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