One of the most common scenarios I get during my “Entrepreneur in Overdrive” coaching program interviews is a result of the idea avalanche.

If you don’t have the idea avalanche, it goes like this (and I am using a live example, I have pulled out the website names)

My websites are: (site1) (this is the one where I have the JV). I’m currently interviewing ‘professionals’ in the field and from that intend to write an ebook. The content is amazing (I’ve done 2 interviews so far with another 5 booked over the next 2 weeks). I’m awaiting another 4 responses to say yes to an interview and looking at another 4 or so people that I still need to make contact. I’d like at least 10 interviews to create my chapters and if I get more, then that’s a bonus.

The other wesbite that I have is (site2). I was running lifestyle programs just in my local area. I have a workbook already in final form. Earlier this year, my husband video’ed the 12 week course. I haven’t done anything with this, including no blog and no list. The site was primarily as an information thing for students, however there could potentially be something worthwhile in it all???

Finally we have 2 MLM’s – (mlm1) and (mlm2). Besides emailing lists and doing a few ads, we’re still getting our heads around these as we’re still waiting on the big cash (any at all in fact). I feel we have to create a new landing page, so I’m currently looking at that this week.

These past 2 weeks I have gotten into action with interviews. I’ve given myself a date to have the ebook complete.

Summary of their status:
– For the MLMs I have an autoresponder system.
– I don’t have an ezine.
– I have about 25 subscribers.
– I send to my list every day.

(I would examine the autoresponders to see if they are effective. If you haven’t made any money, and you only have 25 people, I would call them personally and find out what’s going on. Did they read the autoresponders? What did they think of the offer? Find their objections. Find the real why they aren’t buying). You can’t build a business, especially MLM if you don’t know what your subscribers are thinking.

Internet training was a one day seminar, and self-taught. (Not to shatter a dream, but you need a mentor)


We’re reluctant to spend anymore than this as it’s already eating into our savings and both my husband and I are getting a bit nervous as we haven’t seen any returns yet on our investments.

#1 ANSWER. (As an FYI – I spent over $47,787 in the first 5 months of getting into my Internet Marketing business on training, education and software. Maxed out every credit card I could find.)

#2 ANSWER – I just bought someone else’s program so I’ll see how that goes. Money spent, $5500-$8000 on average, to get a limited program, trained by not the internet expert, but by a trainee.

Pick your programs wisely, and use the MENTOR ANALYSIS section from my book 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles. It will save you thousand of dollars and your time.

I’ve heard of the saying that many people quit just before the finish line – so it’s like we’re there and don’t want to give up before the finishing line, but we can see the cash coming out of our savings so then we think… what to do? Do we stop or do we keep going? Its quite a challenging decision. Of course we’re continuing, but it’s real border-line stuff.

– This happens because there is no plan to begin with. If there was, only one thing would be getting focus right now, until it produced money.


I have one piece of advice for you, and it’s the very first thing I do with my clients – and that is:

Then add the rest as multiple streams.

You are too scattered, your time is too split.

2. Traffic to a site
3. Conversion of visitors to opt-ins – Landing page
Conversion of opt-ins to sales – Sales page
4. Follow-up – your autoresponder system and conversions to sales
Take sales to higher priced items through your market funnel
Increase the frequency with which your list is purchasing from you

5. Then you add your next idea/site.
Otherwise you will be spread so thin, nothing produces money.

So how come I can talk about or comment on this. As someone who ran 6 companies at one time, I know ALL ABOUT the idea avalanche, because I was a victim of it myself.

I put myself through my own program, and now running 4 companies is okay – because I did it by making one work and produce money, before I go the next idea implemented. I kept all 6 companies, but I would put them on the backburner, and focus on the one that was producing the most income, and get that one stable.

Then came the next, and so on.

My Entrepreneur in Overdrive program will help you overcome this avalanche, we work together on selecting the most powerful one, or idea you have by keyword searches and viability, and then together we work on getting you a blog, landing page, sales page, autoresponders, articles, press releases, traffic strategies and much more to create your company on a solid and revenue generating foundation.

Then you take the knowledge and the new skills you have acquired, and sweep them through all of your ideas, one by one.

Here is a testimonial from one of my Australian clients, who has started on her journey to greatness, from an idea avalanche.

“Tracy is incredibly professional, really knows her stuff, easy to relate to, very focused, and I really enjoy the coaching sessions.

Tracy’s response times are amazing, and she is constantly finding ways to improve what it is she is doing.

The biggest benefit of choosing Tracy is she really holds your hand, she has traveled the path before, and I felt I was being very well guided. I can ask her anything, I never felt stupid, and she would answer and explain all of my questions.

She answered my emails so quickly, she is very generous with her knowledge, and always provides the next step.

I have already told my friends about Tracy, because she is a “!0”. She understands the industry, she is friendly and approachable, the sessions are business but we always have a laugh as well.

If you’re looking for a mentor, it is great to have someone to guide you, you don’t feel so isolated and alone, you have deadlines set, but Tracy also works them around my schedule. As far as getting a mentor, just do it! If you have a goal you want to go for, get someone

Tracy is so positive, she gets over any problem we encounter without hesitation, the process is so easy, relaxing, she gives great value and is has an abundance mindset and gives out so others can achieve

I am really pleased to have met her, to know her and to work with her.”

Maree Lipschitz
“Working Mums Survival Coach.”
Listen to Maree –

Get a mentor, focus, get the fundamentals working first on one idea, and then you’ll stop the hemorrage of money – because once you get caught at the “Should I keep doing this, should I keep going, which idea should I work on today, how much longer, when will the money start to come” you’ll get stopped. You’ll be stuck, and moving forward with what you are doing will be like walking through mud.

You need help, and you need it now.

I can offer that help with my Entrepreneur in Overdrive coaching program. Check it out, and let me help.

Yours Sincerely,

Tracy Repchuk
Wealth Building Coach

PS – I know you’ll love my Entrepreneur in Overdrive program because it delivers what you need, when you need it, how you need it.

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Tracy Repchuk

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