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5 Reasons Your Facebook Store is Struggling

If you have a business, then you really cannot afford to miss out on the myriad opportunities available via the world-wide web. When it comes to developing a strong Internet presence, having a web site is not enough. Social media is where it’s at, and social networking sites are making a concerted effort to cater to your business’ marketing needs, in a big way.

One such development in social media that could revolutionize the way you do business is Facebook commerce (or, F-commerce). That’s right – you can actually run a successful store on Facebook. If you already run a Facebook store for your business, and if your store is not yet successful, it is likely that you need to make some changes.

Here are five reasons your Facebook store is struggling:
Your social media director.

If you aren’t taking your social media direction seriously, then you are making a big mistake. Many uninformed businesses hire (or intern) young, fun college students who will work for peanuts. The problem is, these employees tend to show up to work less often and put less serious effort in than seasoned professionals. Don’t skimp on your help.

The wrong social commerce provider.
Look, no two social commerce providers are the same. Sure, you got into the whole F-commerce venture when it was still hot off the coals, and it is therefore understandable that you didn’t necessarily understand what to look for in a social commerce provider. But that is no excuse not to do your research now to figure out if your provider is truly the best fit for your unique needs. Shop around. Talk to other business owners who engage in F-commerce.

Facebook is a fast-moving medium, plain and simple. You have to be consistently active on Facebook to maintain your presence. Again, your social media director should be doing this.

Don’t talk AT your Facebook customers. Converse WITH them. Engage them in mutually beneficial interactions. Provide entertaining, informative, and interesting posts, and invite your fans to contribute. Experiment with surveys and contests – anything to increase engagement.

Give them what they want.
Your Facebook customers are a finicky bunch. If they feel the sole purpose of your Facebook presence is to sell to them, they’ll snub you. Provide them with incentives. Coupons and special, Facebook-only deals are nice.

Have fun with it and post a reply here – send me to view your great creation.

Tracy Repchuk
Best Selling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

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