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My daughter wants to quit school and be an entrepreneur.

Now many of you may be shocked by that headline, but when she asked me if she could quit school, I didn’t freak out – I asked Why?

Her answer, well you’re an entrepreneur, and the way I see it, I’m an entrepreneur too, so why learn stuff at school, why not just learn what I want to be in business for, and start right now. (seems good to me – I started my first business at age 19, right out of college, but if I had the internet I am certain I would have started at her age too 🙂

To say I was proud, was an understatement. I almost burst with glee – but – we do live in a society that requires a child be educated.

So what did I do?

Thankfully, I am an advocate for being self employed. Taking what you love to do, and making money from it. The beauty of this, is ANYONE can do it. It’s what I teach in all of my mentor programs. But, I needed to solve the ‘society’ dilemma, and there it was on TV, while I was surfing for home renovation shows, and that was an online school that equaled the education at a school, but you could do it online.
Same curriculum, same graduation, just do it from home.

How perfect – Grade 6 to 12 – she could ‘be legal’ – do school work on her terms, and build a business at the same time. So the test begins.

We applied for the school – it isn’t just a matter of signing up online. Transcripts needed to be transferred, records, reports, standardized testing, the works.

Fortunately, she is a perfect candidate. She is a straight A student, she was in an advanced program already at her school, she is a member of the National Association of Gifted Children – something she was inducted into based on her test scores, and we work from home, so we can easily monitor her progress… and voila – a few weeks later she was informed she was in.

So now, she will split her days between school, and discovering her entrepreneurial spirit. But what made me mention this now, was when I put on the Dreams To Reality Success Summit in Los Angeles this year, Celeste met a guy named Adam Ginsberg. She wanted to buy Adam’s coaching program – she LOVES eBAY!!!

At the time, I didn’t know how serious she was, so we didn’t do it.

But she has been reading ebay books herself, and set up an ebay account, and paypal account (under our supervision), and with her wanting to start a business now, when an email came from Adam (who I do know, and have spoken around the world many times with on internet marketing stages) – and there was a FREE WORKSHOP – I thought it was the perfect opportunity for Celeste to see what it is really like.

But why I mention this to you – is if you are in the Los Angeles area, and EBAY is something you are interested – why don’t you check it out – after all – it’s free.

Go here to find out the details – Free Adam Ginsberg Ebay Workshops

Here are a few tidbits about eBay for anyone that is wondering if it’s for them.

It is a $60 Billion a year online business phenomenon!

While others crash – this market just keeps growing.

The internet refuses to acknowledge any suggestion of recession, it just gets bigger…
• There are nearly ONE & A HALF BILLION people online worldwide – and expected to be 2 Billion by 2011

• More than 50% of the US population is already online

eBay is a global online marketplace where, famously, practically anyone can trade practically anything.

It was founded in September 1995, when there was a TOTAL of only 46 million users worldwide. Now eBay alone has nearly 350 MILLION users. eBay now boasts:
• At any one time there 113 million listings
• 1 billion page views per day
• $2,000 worth of goods traded every second!
• E-commerce sales of $86.3 BILLION in 2005 in the US alone

It’s certainly worth checking out – my 13-year-old daughter will be there.
Join her.

Adam Ginsberg’s ‘Secrets of an Auction Millionaire’s Workshop

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Adam Ginsberg, the global go-to-guy for exponential internet income, is coming to Los Angeles for an exclusive series of workshops – to show how anybody can set up a successful online business quickly, easily and cheaply.

Adam teaches his program worldwide – as well as many major cities right across the USA. He has taught his system in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, Ireland and Dubai. This is a rare opportunity to catch the secrets behind eBay’s $20 Million success story in our own country!

If you are even remotely considering options, you owe it to yourself to invest a couple of hours to learn the secrets of the world’s best known and best performing online business strategist, Adam Ginsberg.

To REGISTER NOW, visit this special link:
Adam Ginsberg eBay Success Workshops

See you there.

Tracy Repchuk
Your Quantum Leap Coach

PS – All attendees qualify to receive copy of Adam’s new eBook ‘The Complete Guide to Online Wealth’. This Best Selling eBook is yours at no additional charge simply as a way for us to say ‘thank you’ for your time.

Go Now! Just register – no payment or deposit required. It’s really free.
Adam Ginsberg eBay Success Workshops


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Tracy Repchuk

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